20 Sep 2008 03:22 pm

Writer’s Block Sept 20

Sept. 20, 2008

Back Pain and Anger


Yikes! Looks like somebody tried to swipe her Cheerios.

Which reminds me, here’s a portion of an email I received a while back that I decided to save — not because it was unusual — but because it was so typical of the type of thing I hear over and over again…

“I was 40 yrs old and I had never had any back problems prior to this incident. I had lower back discomfort beginning over 10 months ago now from what was over exerting myself while overhead lifting some sheetrock on a scaffold. Looking back I am so regretful, what a dummy that stuff was way heavy and I just got pissed off, we where trying to get this piece to fit and with all the stress in my life at the time and it being 95 plus degrees, I just lost my cool and at the moment was not thinking about my back…”

I can just see your head nodding and you’re thinking, “Yeah… been there, done that.”

And since this is something that seems to affect us all to one degree or another, I decided to look into this problem to see if there wasn’t something we could learn from it.

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