30 Aug 2008 07:01 pm

Writer’s Block August 30

August 30, 2008

Neck Pain Goes Back to Class

Speaking of neck pain, it’s back to school time again and you know what a pain in the cervical region that can be.

Needless to say, I never cared much for the world of academia so at this time of year I’m want to recall immortal words of Chuck Berry:



“Up in the mornin’ and out to school,
The teacher is teachin’ the Golden Rule.
American history and practical math,
You study ’em hard and hopin’ to pass.
Workin’ your fingers right down to the bone,
And the guy behind you won’t leave you alone.”

“Ring, ring goes the bell,
The cook in the lunchroom’s ready to sell.
You’re lucky if you can find a seat,
You’re fortunate if you have time to eat.
Back in the classroom, open your books,
Gee, but the teacher don’t know how mean she looks.”


Well, mean looking teachers aside, it turns out all that book learning just might be good for something after all. At least where neck pain treatment is concerned.

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