17 Aug 2008 01:23 am

Writer’s Block August 17

August 16, 2008

Prevent Back Pain with an Ergonomic Workstation


It is a widely accepted among medical experts that back pain is closely related to sitting. And let’s face it; we spend a lot of time during the day doing just that.

  • We sit in the car on the way to work
  • We sit most of the time while we’re at work
  • Then we sit in the car on the way home
  • And when we finally get home at the end of the day, all we want to do is sit and relax

In fact, about the only time we’re not sitting is when we’re moving from one seat to the next. And, because of this, it should come as no surprise that back pain is a pretty common work related disorder.

Now I’m not crazy enough to suggest that we all stop sitting, because we both know that just isn’t going to happen. But what we can do is take a few simple steps to minimize the impact by making our workplace more back friendly.

Here are some suggestions you might want to consider. Read More…


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