08 Jul 2007 11:13 pm

Introducing Writer’s Block

I apologize for my recent silence.

No, I didn’t go on vacation. The past few days I’ve been suffering from a severe case of writer’s block. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t written anything. It just means that everything I’ve written has been… well; let’s just say it needs to incubate a little longer.

But every cloud has its silver lining.

As a result of this dry spell, I’ve decided to create a special column for those times when I can’t seem to put two words together in a coherent fashion.

It will be a collection of short posts from blogs I’ve read recently that deserve full reviews… but because of my inability to form complete sentences and/or readable paragraphs… I’m just going to point and say, “Me like.”

In other words, it’s going to be a block of short posts about other writers designed for the express purpose of helping me overcome the logjam in my tiny little brain.


I have to give Cathy the credit for the idea. She was the one who got me thinking along these lines with her weekly column, The Friday Fives.

However, unlike Cathy’s Fives, this will not be a weekly feature nor will it be scheduled to appear on any particular day. For you see, I know myself too well. I know that if I set a deadline to accomplish any project… that goal is instantly doomed. Murphy will not be denied.

Instead, I’m just going to post a WB whenever I have one ready to go. And thus, Writer’s Block will be sporadic, disorganized and unpredictable… pretty much a reflection of my life and my usual work habits.


I know this is not a new idea. Most bloggers do this in some form or fashion. It’s just that I’ve wanted to come up with an appropriate name and a clear objective in how to approach this regularly occurring feature… and my current bout with the writer’s malady served to supply me with the answer I was seeking.

So Cathy has her Friday Fives. Musings of a Distractible Mind has, Ask Dr. Rob. Orac has his Friday Dose of Woo. Bronze Dog has Doggerel. And now, I have Writer’s Block. 🙂


3 Responses to “Introducing Writer’s Block”

  1. on 09 Jul 2007 at 2:48 am 1.Cathy said …

    Dean, thanks for the link. I have to laugh at your description of your “Writer’s Block” not being consistent. But, rather just “whenever”. Anyone who knows me can swear I have grave problems putting up my little Friday Fives every Friday. I hate being committed to do something on a certain day each week. I could never do all these daily blog activities that so many do, such as Saturday Photo hunt” or “Thursday thirteen’s” or whatever. I have a hard time staying that focused.

    When I first starting blogging, I thought I would just blog about arthritis each and every day. My blog was named “Arthritis Rants’. It lasted about 2 days and then I had to change the name. How can someone only blog of one topic?

    I am really enjoying your blog…:)

  2. on 09 Jul 2007 at 10:52 pm 2.Dean said …

    Cathy: I know what you mean. I can’t get over how prolific some of these bloggers are. I really don’t know how they do it.

  3. on 08 Aug 2007 at 11:22 pm 3.Trusted.MD Network said …

    Change of Shift: Volume II, Number 4…

    A new year, a new logo!
    Actually, my oldest daughter informed me that the old logo looked like, to put it gently…commode contents.
    The new one is exciting! Bold! Futuristic!
    I tried fifty different colors and at least one hundred com…

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