01 May 2007 06:58 am

What Do You Call Your Kids?

I ran across this post on Dr. Flea’s blog this morning that was too good not to share with you. For those of you unfamiliar with Flea he is a pediatrician and one of the more prevalent medical bloggers.

This quote is from his response to the question, Why Do You Blog?

Our culture is suffused with messages telling parents that their children are sick, or potentially sick: one sniffle away from certain doom. Flea’s message is that American children are the healthiest children that ever lived on planet Earth. We should celebrate our good fortune.

The culture tells us the children are defined by series of capital letters: ADD, ADHD, ASD, PDD-NOS, OCD. Flea wants children to be called by the names their parents gave them.

Pediatrics today consists of daily exercises in over-testing, over-diagnosing, over-treating, and over-admiting to hospital. Flea wants the folks to
know that often the best thing to do for a child is to keep him or her
the hell out of the pediatrician’s office!

Pediatricians who write for newspapers and magazines produce icky, squishy pap that bears only the faintest resemblance to expository writing, and that is astonishingly void of original points of view.

Flea is trying to keep it real.

(Editor: Flea has decided to close his blog for the time being. We can only hope this is only temporary.)

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