25 Nov 2006 06:34 pm

Anyone Tried the Trueback?

Seems like everytime you turn around someone is inventing a new gadget or device designed to alleviate back pain. Some of these products are good… and some of them just end up collecting dust under the bed.

So where does the Trueback orthopedic traction device rate?

That was what one forum member wants to know:

Last night I was up late and saw an infomercial on the True Back. It looks pretty amazing and there were alot of very believable success stories. Aparently it’s good for long term results, as well as immediate relief for when you’re back “goes out”. Anyway, when I saw it my immediate reaction was to get on here and see what you guys, and possibly even Dean thought about it.

If you’d like to know what your fellow rebuilders think of this device you can read the replies here: Trueback Discussion

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