24 Mar 2007 03:46 pm

Another Step Forward

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night and had the solution to a problem just pop into your head?

Happened to me just last night.

I woke up about 3:00 am (rats!) and as I was lying there trying to go to back to sleep, the solution to a problem that I’ve been meaning to get to for the past 3 months suddenly came to me. I wasn’t even trying to consciously work on it, it just … like I said … popped into my head.

You see, ever since adding this blog software to the site, there have been a few technical problems that needed to be ironed out. Chief among those was the fact that the Googlebot (don’t ask) was having trouble finding pages that didn’t actually exist … (I know, it doesn’t make sense) … resulting in about 254 errors showing up in my Google stats. (argh!!!!)

Anyway, I got up this morning and went to work correcting the problem and it finally appears to be fixed. (Woohoo!!!!) So now I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead and go answer some email…

Hope your Saturday is going well,

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