18 Sep 2007 05:32 pm

One Cosmos At Sea

femalenavyOkay, I’m back…
(So, you were gone?)
(I’m sure a couple of people noticed.)
(If you say so.)

No big deal, I just had to take some time to recharge the old batteries.
(So, are you recharged?)
(Didn’t think so.)


I have to lead off my less-than-triumphant return to blogging by telling you about one of my favorite late night reads.

When I first discovered this writer, his work reminded me of John Steinbeck’s novel, Travels With Charley. Of course, a casual observation like that is never fully accurate.

Ben Conrad (a.k.a. USS Ben USN (Ret)) has a style all his own and trying to describe it by comparison is unfair to both writers. After all, anytime you try to put someone in a box you always fall short of the mark.


Just as with Steinbeck’s novel, Ben’s blog is taking you on a journey through a portion of his life. At times you’re not sure if you’re reading a work of fiction or an autobiography except for the fact that it is just too painfully honest not to be real. For me to describe it further would be to spoil it for you… so I’ll just leave you the privilege of discovering One Cosmos at Sea for yourself.

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(So, you’re really back?)
(For the moment.)
(And we can look forward to more of this?)
(You realize you’re talking to yourself again.)


10 Responses to “One Cosmos At Sea”

  1. on 19 Sep 2007 at 5:10 am 1.Chrysalis Angel said …

    I wondered where you went off to. Glad you were off enjoying a good book.

  2. on 19 Sep 2007 at 6:41 pm 2.rlbates said …

    I love Steinbeck’s books. Travels with Charley is a good one. Have you ever tried traveling with your dog? Is that where you’ve been?

  3. on 19 Sep 2007 at 6:57 pm 3.Ami said …

    Oh man…

    Did you have to add another book to the list of books I haven’t read but want to? Honestly, unless I stop life as we know it and start reading now, I’ll never get to all of them. Way too many.

    Glad you’re back.

  4. on 20 Sep 2007 at 1:42 am 4.Dean said …

    Hello ladies,

    I wish I could have actually taken off and gone somewhere. I haven’t had a real vacation in years.

    I just took some time off from the Internet in general. (Except for necessary daily tasks that I can’t get away from.)

    We took our dog on vacation when I was a kid. Not the same as just you and your dog traveling alone I don’t think.

    Right now I have a cat and she does not like traveling.

  5. on 21 Sep 2007 at 1:54 am 5.jmb said …

    Welcome back Dean. For a while there I was trying to find the name of the book on the image. Duh! A little slow today. I’ll investigate this.

  6. on 21 Sep 2007 at 9:25 am 6.Dean said …

    Hi jmb,

    I realize that this post is a little confusing. I’m just too lazy to fix it. Besides, it all becomes clear once you visit Ben’s blog. 🙂

  7. on 29 Sep 2007 at 11:39 pm 7.Dr. Val said …

    Dean – long time no post! You are missed… For a good chuckle, check out my latest post about conversations in the spa… 😉

  8. on 01 Oct 2007 at 12:19 am 8.Dean said …

    Hi Val,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I’m in a slump I’m afraid. I keep writing stuff, but then I end up throwing it out. 🙁

    I hope you had a good vacation. I will stop over and read your post.


  9. on 02 Oct 2007 at 6:14 am 9.Ben USN (Ret) said …

    Thanks Dean!
    Nice pic of the USS Bagley, btw.
    I’ve been on a semi-hiatus (is that a word?) myself. Sorta.

    Lookin’ forward to more of your writin’ when you get time! :^)


  10. on 03 Oct 2007 at 5:44 am 10.Chrysalis Angel said …

    You just need a muse. Now, let’s get busy. I’ve just found you, and now your house is empty every time I drive by. (I’m referring to your empty blog here, as I stop in to check on you.) I’m glad you at least let us know you’re okay.

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