03 Oct 2007 10:16 pm

Just Playing Around

I apologize if my last post was a little confusing.

First off, I start out talking about taking some time off… then go into the real subject; Ben’s blog… comparing it to Steinbeck’s book… which could make you think that the post is about a novel… but it’s not… it’s about a blog that reads like a novel. (Whew!)


Couple all that with the fact that I added the images as an afterthought. I really didn’t design the text to coincide with them… something I intend to do in the future… but for now I’m just playing around with flickr and photobucket.

I wanted to find a good cover shot of Steinbeck’s book, but couldn’t find one in the public domain that I liked so I just stuck with the Navy theme.


Speaking of the Cosmos… I’m still here.

I haven’t actually gone anywhere. I thought I was back-to-blogging a couple of weeks ago (as alluded to in my last post) and yet, more than a few days have gone by and I haven’t posted anything.

It’s not that I have a lack of ideas. I’ve just been having trouble putting the words together. Chrysalis Angel hit the nail on the head today in a comment on that post; I’ve lost my muse.

She’s out there somewhere and it’s just a matter of time before I find her again.


Part of the problem has been a lack of time. I start out each day with the goal of writing something for the blog and the next thing I know it’s late at night and I wind up telling myself, “It’ll keep till tomorrow.”

Even when I do take the time to “write something” it just ends up on the cutting room floor. After several hours of stomping and flailing around on the keyboard — what started out as an interesting post — just seems to turn into sludge.


I have been working on several things related to the website including a new project that I think people will find interesting and helpful. I suppose I could blog about what I’m doing, but that would just take time away from the actual “doing.” (Not to mention that I may change my mind about halfway through the project and decide it’s not a good idea after all.)

27 T Coupe

But enough about me…


BTW, The really cool street rod in my second to last post is a 1927 Model T Coupe… and no, it’s not mine. (I wish.) It’s just a picture I stole from who knows where. (If it’s yours, drop me a line and I’ll give you proper photo credits.)

— Dean


4 Responses to “Just Playing Around”

  1. on 04 Oct 2007 at 9:33 am 1.Ben USN (Ret) said …

    Hey Dean:
    I got what you meant, although I still haven’t read anything by Steinbeck, yet.
    It’s definitely on my list of “books I really wanna read” someday.

    I don’t know if this will be helpful (and you didn’t ask did you? which is rather presumptious of me, but just in case you ever do): everyone who writes has a particular style or styles they prefer, and lot’s of various muses, and a myriad of ideas.

    Of course, the number one enemy to writing is time (especially for someone who types as slow as me).
    Other obstacles include (but are not limited to) distractions, over-analyzing, doubt, second guessing, beating dead horses (hopefully, figuratively speaking), dogs with really small bladders, and just feeling blah (which can be just about anything or nothin’ at all).

    So when I write, I often don’t edit, except for obvious spelling errors or incomprehensible sentences, missing words I’m sure I typed).
    But, basically, if what I write is understandable, I just go with it.

    In fact, I rarely plan what I’m going to write, when it comes to stories, other than a very broad idea in my head, which may very well go in a completel;y different direction, depending on what flows out.

    Yep. I just let it flow, for as long as I can, or until I’m interrupted, or reality rears it’s ugly head, or the dogs have to…take care of business, and I press the publish button.

    The occasional post I do plan out, about current events, history, or whatever, usually gets little or no traffic. Unless it’s very well written (I wish), and has a splash of the “flow” in it.
    You can also look at it as mystery. Good mystery.
    Kinda sounds vague, I reckon, but I think you know what I mean. If not, ask me a mysterious question and I’ll try to get a clue. :^)

    Humor is our friend, and you’ve got a lot of it, I’ve noticed. Our funny friend is extremely vital when I write, and I always try to incude good ol’ humor.
    Not everyone gets it (sometimes no one does), but without humor, it gets opressively depressing (try sayin’ that 10 times really fast) and tedious.

    Anyway, that’s my two bits worth of voluminous vaguery which may or may not be helpful.
    If it isn’t helpful, please pretend it is anyway.
    Best regards,

    PS I love reading your stories. Platonically, of course. :^)

  2. on 04 Oct 2007 at 10:58 pm 2.Dean said …

    Hey Ben,

    I can definitely relate to everything you’re saying. Especially about over-analyzing, doubt and second guessing. I would do better if I didn’t read my own stuff.

    I’m starting to loosen up a little. These last few posts were knocked out on the fly with very little in the way of editing… and it shows… but they still turned out okay. (No harm done, anyway.)

    Blogging is supposed to be informal, like writing a letter to a friend. That’s the place I’m trying to get to. I think once I do learn to relax and let my guard down and just be me — warts and all — my productivity with increase.

    Or not. 🙂

    I do welcome the advice, by the way.


  3. on 06 Oct 2007 at 1:18 am 3.jmb said …

    Well I was confused by the last post at first because I thought you were talking about a book.
    Glad you’re still around and busy.
    Muse, what’s that? I never had one but keep plugging away laboriously.
    I’ve got you on bloglines so will know when you post whenever it may be.

  4. on 06 Oct 2007 at 11:20 pm 4.PalMD said …

    One sentence counts as writing…and it’s never long-winded…welcome back!

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