29 Mar 2007 06:16 pm

Dancing With The Stars

You know how normal people use the VCR to tape one show while they watch another? Well, I love Dancing with the Stars so much I actually tape it — while I watch — just so I can watch it again later. How crazy is that?

I mean it’s practically bordering on obsessive.

Tony Dovolani and Leisa Gibbons

So okay, I admit it… I’m a dork. I’m totally hooked on the show and on ballroom dancing and I’ve been hooked from the very first season.

Actually, that’s only partially true… I’ve wanted to learn Swing dancing since I was a wee lad. (Insert Scottish brogue.)

I can remember going to dances back in high school and the band would strike up a great oldie like Bill Haley’s, Rock Around the Clock and there would always be one couple who would start in doing a swing dance while the rest of us just stood by watching and wishing.

It would be so cool to be able to do that…

Who Do I Like This Time Around

So far this season no one stands out as a favorite. They all seem to have some potential and the top contenders all seem pretty evenly matched.

Last season Mario Lopez was the guy to beat. I still can’t believe that he didn’t have a little ballroom training somewhere along the line. He looked like one of the professionals right out of the starting gate.

Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff

Needless to say, I think Mario got robbed. He deserved to win. Emmett Smith may have had a bigger fan base and that allowed him to pull in the popular vote, but Mario was clearly the better dancer. In fact, Joey Lawrence was better than Emmett Smith.

Don’t get me wrong, Emmett could move pretty well for a big guy. But he looked like a football player dancing. On the other hand, Mario Lopez looked like a ballroom dancer. Big difference.

Mario could easily become a professional if he wanted to go that route. Emmett? He should stick with football.

One Good Development Occurred This Week

I don’t know if you noticed or not… and believe me, the last thing I worry about is other men’s hair styles… but for some reason it was dork-a-paloosa last week. For a moment there, I thought that Tony and Max had lost their minds and crossed over to the dark side.

Then I realized it was probably some “stylist” trying to do a “makeover” or something.

Fortunately, this week the guys were more or less back to normal.

Even Billy Ray Cyrus managed to get the hair out of his eyes and put on a suit. Don’t know what he was thinking with the shaggy dog look and the un-tucked shirttail the week before. (Country Stars… whatta ya gonna do?)

My Beloved Anna

I was happy to see Anna Trebunskaya make an appearance Tuesday night during Dionne Warwick’s performance. (She was Jerry Rice’s partner during season 2.)

Anna Trebunskaya and Jerry Rice

Did she catch my eye? What, are you kidding? I love watching her dance. I must have watched the jive she did with Jerry fifty times before finally taping over it. She was rockin…

I was sorry she wasn’t on season 3 and was hoping just maybe she would be back this season, but alas it was not to be. I suspect she might be a little hot tempered and difficult to get along with. I only say that because she had a run-in with Max during season two and that may have something to do with her not being on anymore. Then again, it may have nothing to do with it at all. Perhaps she doesn’t wish to do the show again, who knows?

By the way, I never did actually watch Jerry Rice. I don’t know if he can dance or not. I was too busy watching Anna. 🙂

Tuesday Night’s Elimination

I was sorry to see fashion model, Paulina Porizkova go home this early. I would have much rather seen one of the others get eliminated. She was a good dancer and didn’t deserve to get cut. I thought for sure either Clyde Drexler, Billy Ray Cyrus or Heather Mills would be the first to go.

Clyde’s a cool guy but wasn’t up to the level of the rest of the competition. Also, they should have paired him with a taller dance partner such as Kim Johnson.

Billy Ray had a rough start the first week and a low initial score, which I thought would sink him despite his strong comeback this week. But he managed to pull it out. Must be some achy-breaky fans out there.

Finally, I thought Heather Mills would surely incur the wrath of my fellow Beatles fans, but apparently once again I was wrong. I was half afraid the audience would boo when she stepped out on the floor, but fortunately that didn’t happen.

Apparently, they decided to save the boos for Bruno…

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