My progress (MJ) long post

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My progress (MJ) long post

Post by MJ110445 » Sat Sep 09, 2006 5:10 am

I found RYB on August 28th and could never begin to beleive that finding the website and reading all of your posts could make such a difference in my life. Just to let you know, I had back pain and sciatica for over 5 months and with much mental depression decided on surgery. I had microdisectomy on L3/L4. I had massages, acupuncture, cortisone shots and prednisone over those 5 months and I had turned into another creature that I could not even recognize. I literally layed in bed and felt like my life was over. I lived on oxycodone, hydrocodone, percocet and self pity.

After my surgery I thought I would find my old life again. I didn't. Instead because I still had pain I spiraled into a deeper depression. Now I was in pain but in addition I was afraid to do anything to disturb the disc that was operated on. I saw a pain specialist and with his help and his prescription for Lyrica for 6 weeks I began to notice a slight difference. However, I was still down because I had new pain in my hip which had not been there before. It made it hard to even walk. So after my pain medicines were gone I started taking Aleve which helped for periods of 8 hours or so. Still, I wound up feeling blue because of the 7 months of not being "me".

Then I found this website. I cannot tell you how doing the basic RYB exercises has stopped the muscle spasms and gave me a brand new mental attitude. I am dedicated to these exercises and my two dogs get a kick out of seeing me laying on the floor so often. They both come up and give me kisses and make me laugh. If I find myself getting tight or feeling some pain I just do a few of the exercises whenever it happens.

I have gone from a pain level of lets say an 8, to about a 3 in only a little over a week. I will tell you I have not missed a morning or night exercise program though. They feel so good!!!!

I do have one question if you can help me out here. I never had pain in my hip before. My pain before felt like a knife was put into the middle of my left buttocks, and then the pain ran down heavy through my leg and became a 10 directly under my left knee all around my calf. Is there a reason for so much annoying pain in my hip now?? Does the sciatic nerve run across the hip bone or does it go across the buttocks and straight down the leg?? The reason I ask is that the hip pain is really keeping me from my love of long morning walks. It seems to be aggravated when I try to walk that distance. Many of you seem to understand all these anatomy questions much more than I do. Anything you can tell me would be helpful.

With much appreciation to you Dean, you lit up my life! MJ

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Hip Pain

Post by krd » Sat Sep 09, 2006 8:00 am

Hey MJ

Yes, hip pain is definitely a symptom of sciatica. In fact, that it where it bothered me most last year. This year it was in the calf and thigh, however, there is still some hip pain. The pain in the hip can be so unbearable sometimes that it feels like it is dislocated.

I find that the piriformis stretch, while sitting in a chair, helps to relieve a lot of that pain and tightness. I also hava a hot tub that tends to help with that pain.

I am sorry to hear that you have had such a bad experience. I just had my first epidural on the 1st, and I am feeling so much better. The pain is very low now. I am going for a second injection on the 21st. I am very optimistic since the first one worked so well. Hang in there and keep doing what feels good. Be posting.


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Thanks Ken

Post by MJ110445 » Sat Sep 09, 2006 9:45 am

I'm happy to know the information you sent in your reply. I was getting worried that I had a new ailment.... and needed hip replacement. Now that I know that the sciatic nerve involves the hip I will not worry so much.

I have done nothing but the basic exercises but will give the piriformis stretch a try. I hate the "ache" that I get almost daily in what seems like my hip and my groin area. I am also finding the hamstring stretch really difficult but I keep on trying every day.

I must start understanding that it might take a long time for this nasty nerve to heal. I am getting annoyed that I cannot do everything I once did. However, I am gaining more hours every day of "feel good" time due to my RYB exercises. I am starting to see the sunshine ahead rather than the clouds behind me. This alone is a giant step toward healing. My attitude has changed. My husband is elated.


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Post by randolph » Sun Sep 10, 2006 8:07 am

Great progress report, MJ :D

You might want to search the net for pictures of your hip's anatomy, so you can get an idea of how the sciatic nerve relates to the muscles and bones around it. I need to see a picture before the "ah-ha" happens in my head.

Yes, it's really annoying to be limited in our activities because of the sciatica ... and to not have any good idea how long it will take to fully heal (if ever?). I haven't been able to run for a year since the onset of sciatica, and really do miss the level of fitness I had before when I could run and exercise for hours each day. But I am encouraged that in spite of how slow the healing occurs, it is steady and we're heading in the right direction. Maybe my running, and your long walks with your dogs will be a thing of the past, but I'm sure going to give it my all (very patiently) to be able be able to run again.

Just wondering, MJ, on the pain you're experiencing while exercising. When, for example, you do the hammy stretch, and you write that it's difficult to do, do you mean that it doesn't stretch out near as much as it used to, or that you go so far that it hurts? I'm hoping not the latter; we delay healing if we stretch or exercise so far that we irritate the sciatic nerve so much that we cause re-injury (sort of like wiggling a healing, broken bone). It's a tricky balance point: stretching and exercising enough to encourage progressive healing (you can't wait for full healing while laying in bed!) but not so much that we further damage nerve tissue.

Again, very good to read that you've got realistic hopes again!!


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