Update & Not sure what to do

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Update & Not sure what to do

Postby spursgirl » Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:01 pm

I'm unsure whether to continue with the exercises - I did the Cobra & some of the other basic exercises for about a week or so & these gave me soreness in the lower back, wheras if I do nothing & relax in a comfy armchair, I do not have any discomfort at all. Have I given up too soon? Logic tells me that if the exercises are causing discomfort, they can't be doing any good, or am I wrong?

I still get pain when I sit in a car or in a dining chair etc, so the symptoms are clearly still there. Therefore, I need some advice as to where I go from here. Shall I resume the basic exercises & work through the discomfort or not?

I'm at my wits end coz doctors over here don't seem to know what to do & my one has simply referred me to the hospital for physiotherapy, even when I told her that I'd already had private physio which didn't work! I have pain killers as well, but I really don't want to take them as it's not a cure.

The Rebuild Your Back process seems to be my only hope.


Postby Ray » Mon Jan 23, 2006 5:08 pm

Hi there, As you said its your last hope so don't give up. im no expert at this as i have only been on the program for a week. my experience was that the exercises we causing me more pain than i was in for the first day or so. so i stopped doing them(i can here the screems from here :lol: ) what i have been doing for the last few days is just the stretching exercises, its amasing how stiff i was and that is what was causing the pain. I will continue to do the stretches for another week befor moving on to the others, although i do a very shallow cobra and a knees up and forward bend. I now find that i an able to move more freely and the soreness has gone and so has the stabbing pain in my hip, oh and dont forget your posture exercises, very important. I have set a 12 months program to rebuild. Hope this helps, take it easy. :)
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Postby randolph » Tue Jan 24, 2006 2:27 pm

Hi Lisa

My basis message is HANG IN THERE! ... the beginning of the back-rebuilding process is the toughest part. If I was in yours shoes, I'd reserve judgement til I did the basics for a month total. After a month, I'd be real surprised if you didn't notice real improvement that will send your spirits soaring. After my first month of doing the basics, each week thereafter, I could look back a week and see I was in less pain and more flexible. But everybody's different.

In the meantime, I'd encourage you to review Jeanette's excellent post to you in reply to your first post, concerning the difference between muscle achiness/soreness and the sciatic pain. Dean also has an excellent discussion about soreness and pain in RYB.

Yeah ... laying around at home, just doing exercises, is no fun. I was getting on the whole family's nerves til I just accepted the fact that sciatica takes months to heal (I'm into my 5th month now ... dramatic improvement - pain very mild, and going back to work soon! ... but still several months to go before I'm 100% pain free) What really helped me: I rediscovered the pleasure of reading. So I've been raiding the library ... and inadvertently, staying out of everybody's way. A win-win for everybody!!! Doing whatever household chores I could, helped me a lot also ... and always leaves my wife smiling :D
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Postby spursgirl » Wed Jan 25, 2006 5:31 am

Thanks so much for your encouragement. I have started to do a few exercises again, but i'm really taking it easy. My problem is I find it so hard to get motivated & everything seems such a long process. I bet we all wish we had a magic wand!!!


Postby randolph » Thu Jan 26, 2006 9:12 am

Hello again Lisa!

I'm fresh out of magic wands (gave my last one to my boy who wanted to fly north to see Santa Claus ...) but I can share my best tricks for getting motivated and taking the next step on that looooooooong journey back to a rebuilt back. (I used the tricks, successfully, just this morning after waking up very UNmotivated to exercise). I've been exercising most of my days the last 35 years, and somehow these tricks always seem to fool that lazy part that NEVER feels like doing anything, let alone exercise. All I can figure is, that as persistent as the "I-don't-wanna-do-nuthins" are (and they hit me MOST days), they are really stupid and easily fooled.

I call it the "any fool can ..." trick.

I wake up UNmotivated. Well, any fool can go to the toilet, and brush his teeth and hair ... so I do that and rediscover I can still move anyway. Any fool can put away the dishes left from last night ... so I do that, and stretch out a little bit doing that. Any fool can heat up some water for some tea ... so I drink that. Any fool can change into his exercise clothes... so I do that. Any fool can do a few neck stretches (like in Dean's neck book) ... so I do that. Any fool can lay on the floor and do a few knee-ups ... so I do that. Any fool can do a few lumbar rolls ... so I do that. And usually after 5-10 minutes of this, I'm into the exercising, it feels good and just do exercises as they come to mind. And then the next trick kicks in. I've got a written list of my favorite exercises nearby and occassionally look at the list between exercises and about the time I'm ready to lazy out of doing all of them ... I notice how many I've done and if I do just a few more ... I'M DONE! ... so I do those. And then this fool feels REALLY good about doing all those good things for myself :D

(sometimes, after 10 minutes or so, I may notice that I'm just not getting into the exercises as normal, and usually that means I'm either sore and achy from yesterday's exercise, or coming down with a cold ... in which case no exercise is better than no exercise ... and the next day I'm probably motivated to exercise, if it's just soreness)

If you think you can't possibly do these exercises for the weeks and months and years ahead of you, you're right. You can't. All you can do is today's exercises today. Nobody I know can do tomorrow's exercises today, and even if you could, that would mean you'd still have to do tomorrow's tomorrow exercises tomorrow ... which is just starting to confuse me ... so I'll just wait till tomorrow to think about today's exercises ... which is also starting to confuse me ... :?

Good luck and have fun :D

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Postby Guest » Fri Jan 27, 2006 12:27 pm

Hi Lisa!

My wife just reminded me of another trick that helps her get thru the exercises: play some music while you're stretching and exercising.
Come to think about it, that's how I get thru some of my time on the exercise bike.

Hope this helps :)


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