years of neck pain

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years of neck pain

Postby dcyphure » Mon Nov 14, 2005 6:06 pm

i'm 29, i'll start from beginning so read carefully and please no respones with "see a doctor" in them cuz thats rather obvious and i doubt they can help much.

not sure if this part is related, at 19 was in car accident, hit from back and we then hit car in front of us so my neck flung back then forward, 3 months later had small part of muscle in back of neck that was sharp pain but went away within a month.

never experienced neck pain again untill i was 24, entire back of neck, felt like it was muscles, felt stressed when doing certain things.
this progressed into random sometimes more severe pain when it would hurt for no reason, but again felt like muscle stress.

its progressed further recent years to where neck pain will then give me a bad headache but neck pain not quite as severe as it used to sometimes get.

if i message my neck it gets worse, if i message the 2 pressure points behind both spacula bones, it temproarily helps. i found that taking excedrine relieves the pain and headaches, however nothing else from tylenol,advil or any other otc medication helps at all. they dont even phase minor muscle aches even when i take alot more than i'm suppose to.

sometimes excedrin wont help in bad cases but taking a nap following sex usually does so i'm thinkn my muscles are getting stressed for some unknown reason or maybe it is nerves, i dunno.

right now i'm to the point where i have to take excedrine every day, some days that i dont i'm ok all day but usually i'll get pain at around noon and progress to full headache by 3pm ...why so specific in timing i dont know.
the pain started long before i ever took much caffien so im sure the headaches arnt from lack of caffien, some days without it i'm fine.

thanks in advance
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Postby Mitch » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:56 pm

Based on your description, it sounds like your pain may be more stress related than anything physically wrong.

Would be curious to know what type of work you do? Is there a lot of stress or pressure that could make you tense? I'm assuming your at work between noon and 3 when the pain starts in.

Also, do you talk alot on the phone during the day? Or something else that makes you hold your head in an unnatural position? Computer work also comes to mind. Dean points out that the head forward posture is really bad and can lead to neck pain problems. Easy to fix tho.

Sorry for so many questions, but I think you'd agree your pain is rather mysterious.
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Postby dcyphure » Wed Nov 16, 2005 6:41 pm

no i literally have very little stress, i'm single with no kids, very laid back person
i work in construction, but i have them if i'm at work or not..weekends, vacation, whatever.

however stress does aggrevate it definitly, i can literally feel it going up my neck, physical strain aggrevates it and is very easy to pull a muscle in my least it feels like i do, i pulled small section in left side of neck today when i mixed up concrete. i cant imagine how my neck muscles could have weakend, i'm a rather strong person for mysize and have lifted alot of weights in past so why suddenly bother me at 24?

if i keep my neck turned one way for say 60 seconds and more it feels like i had it there for an hour, kinda stiff, big releif to turn it the other way. i kinda wondered if some type of steroids would help, ive thought about seeing a doctor but hate to miss work if there snothing they can do
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Postby Bill » Wed Nov 16, 2005 7:23 pm

Hi dcyphure,

Try reading some of the back pain articles, especially the "Bad Back is Not a Medical Problem" one. I think you'll find that they answer most of your questions.

I've been on Dean about changing the titles to several of his articles because they make you think they only apply to back pain when in fact they also apply to neck pain and sciatica. You may notice that he did add (or Neck) to the Blueprint for a Bad Back article. I'd like to think I had something to do with that. :)

Virtually all of the articles are worth reading even if you don't think they apply to you.

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