my happy story

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my happy story

Postby mattgso » Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:36 pm

My leg pain came from a bulging disk from sitting with bad posture. At the job I had, I sat pretty much all day. I was very focused on my work so I didn't notice my bad posture.

I thought it was just a muscle thing and tried to "work it out" and ended up herniating the disk and putting me in horrible pain if I stood up for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Sitting straight up also caused me to hurt. I'd have to sit with my butt on the edge of the chair and leaning forward.

I had lost my job so I was sitting around, trying to rest it but nothing helped me feel better except continuous walking, laying flat on back, or with an ice pack on my back while laying on my stomach.

I finally found this site and with no job or decent insurance, I started the exercises. Started making small progress. Mostly increasing my flexibility and core strength. Able to go a little longer before feeling like screaming from the pain.

Continued on and made small progress. Then I found a job where I had to where steel toed boots and walk about 3 miles a day. I was scared out of my mind worried I loose my job because I couldn't sit at desk for any period of time or stand up for more than a half hour.

But I pushed forward, doing my exercises everyday. On my first day on the job, I was starting to hurt but luckily I walked a lot and was able to sit in ways that didn't hurt much. Did the stretching in the bathrooms and got through the day.

Still scared out of my mind, I got up early to do my stretches before work and pushed on. Leg and back muscles were sore but not the sharp shooting pain.

After a few days, of slow progress, I'm walking back to my office to grab my lunch and I stopped right in the middle of floor, almost getting hit by a forklift. I realized hadn't taken ANY pain meds in a couple days and I couldn't remember my leg hurting that day. I almost cried I was so happy. I can beat this on my own!

Leg still hurts a little throughout the day at times but at it's worst now, it's not even 25% as bad as it was 2 months ago. Now I'm saying this is what everyone is to expect. I PUSHED myself hard. The exercise sessions were brutal and I did them until I was exhausted. Didn't realize how out of shape I was. I'm also swimming about 2-3 days a week for further strengthening.

Now, my flexibility is better than my 14 year old sons (remember, I pushed it hard) and the pain seems to fade a little more everyday.

My only regret (besides sitting with bad posture for 14 months) is that I didn't find this website sooner. The orthopedic doctor I saw months ago is demanding to see me again because he's thinks I'm lying about the pain being almost gone and says I'll rupture the disc soon if I don't have surgery. maybe I'll go see him when my group health insurance kicks in next month. Maybe not. :D

Again, my success isn't a guarantee everyone else will have the same success. But know that there's a chance you CAN do it on your own.

I'll be very, VERY careful about my posture and what I lift. I know that a bad lift or car accident could do me in. But on my way to taking my life back without getting cut open.
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