More sacroilliad (sic) pain.

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More sacroilliad (sic) pain.

Postby GrimmRiffer » Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:47 am

Sacroilliad? Well it feels like an odyssey.

Typical story; went to my GP with a pulled buttock that turned out to be sacroiliac pain and got the "you're lazy and fat and slouch too much" leaflet. I did, over month or so, make the condition much worse with stretching exercises - probably as I added my own stolen from any source I could find because it was impossible to get a stretch at all with what the leaflet offered. (You can't pull your knee closer to your chest than touching on it, for example.)

On top of that is the core strength thing, but for core strength I hold plank positions and the like for minutes - sitting down and lifting a foot off the floor for the count of ten is too far the other side of effortless to help. Plus, the time to do these exercises can only be found by dropping others.

I'm an active guy, spent the last 25 yrs crashing mountain bikes, motorbikes, falling out trees, somersaulting 'off' snowboards, getting kicked, punched, thrown, bounced, crushed, screwing up somersaults and flips at circus club... Neither the GP or the physio (who was only prepared to offer me a phone consultation) seem to think I could have hurt myself.

There are various tests you can do to check alignment, I've never had one done but I guess if I understood them I could do them to myself? I have straight edges in my home - walls and a floor.

There is a huge snowboard crash from years ago, I cartwheeled over at very high speed and landed all my weight on my left hip - the side which now has the pain - I bruised myself so deep the bruise took most of a week to appear, bright yellow twists reaching from my hip to halfway to my knee. The GP and physio both discount it out of hand.

I dunno where to turn to. How do I test for injury? How does someone in the uk see a sports doctor without going through the GP?

I currently feel pain in the joint, sometimes in my buttock, sometimes my ankle hurts (referred pain, or walking oddly?), I sometimes trip over my left foot too, which I think is new. Ibuprofen works well for me but I can't take it for the rest of my life, exercise like runs or cycling (or even motocross) seem to temporarily make it better. Resting outright locks me up solid.

Sorry for yet another thread on this hopeless joint (the SI, not the forum!), didn't think I should muddy the waters in someone else's.

(PS Latest advice I got, pop the seat back on my chair right back out the way, and sit upright forcing core muscle to hold me up all day. As long I remember not to lean back it won't do any harm I guess...)
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Postby GrimmRiffer » Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:33 pm

So I saw a private physio, and the exam starts like the perfect date; "take your clothes off and face the wall". :lol:

With a lot of leaning, questions, prodding to trigger pain and the like the verdict is in. My first disk between S1 and sacrum (I think those were the components) is causing the mild referred pain in my foot I almost wouldn't bother mentioning; and I have a 2 inch knot of scar tissue in my back - I think I can feel this if I poke at it and reckoned it was swelling in my Sacro-I. I must admit even with my questioning I have failed to grasp which of the two issues is causing the pain around my left buttock - the scar or the nerve.

Also, my left leg is longer than my right - not unusual - and my right shoulder blade is an inch higher than my left. And my muscles are generally much more developed on my right. I think 15 yrs of kickboxing and boxing has lopsided me.

I had my scar attacked with lasers, ultrasound, and electricity, and for ten days the only exercise I'm allowed is swimming and curling into a ball once I've warmed my back. The swimming to try and develop a symetrical body and the heating and curling to tease some flexibility into the scar tissue.

The disk, I'm stuck with - apparently they don't go back in 3 yrs after the injury was done.

I haven't swum (outside of fooling about in water parks and general splashing about) in ... 20 yrs, maybe. It hurts my upper back, and a short while after finishing I get somach pains. And today some kid crapped in the pool.

No pain no gain, but I don't think the poo is necessary.
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