Burning Feet

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Burning Feet

Post by BuildStrongBack » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:39 pm

Dear Friends,

I have been suffering from burning feet problem for last 4 years. I have seen all kinds of doctors including neurologist and neurosurgeons. I have problem in L5-S1 (right) area (Bulging disc) and if I sit for long time (2 hrs or so), I am getting prickling, tingling and burning pain in both my feet. Some times I get anywhere in the body including face. I mostly get the direct pain in my right knee. most of the times I only get burning in both feet, especially when I wear the shoes, I am kind of confused, is this because of back problem or some thing else ??

All my blood works, MRI, X-Ray are fine except some bulging disc on the right lower back. I was thinking so many reasons for this. But, recently one naturopath doctor expressed his doubt that, this may be coming from my back.

Since this blog belongs to people suffering from similar problems I stongly feel some one has a tried solution for this already, I would highly appreciate your ideas, suggestions to treat this kind of problem. I just started reading "Rebuild Your Back" book. Please let me know any resource or exercise that could help me.

If you want to send me a private message, please send it to MySignUps123 at gmail

Thank you

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