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New Member - Quick Excersize Question

Postby tekaponz » Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:09 pm

After weeks of searching for support forums for Herniated discs i stumbled across this site this evening.

I've just downloaded the book and am eager to start in on it tomorrow. In the mean time i do have a quick question.

A little background.

I'm at about week seven of herniated disc / sciatic pain in my left leg. It started off as a bothersome ache in my left thigh that would, when i walk, extend down to the top of the calf. After seeing a my physician he recommended I see an orthopedic specialist. After meeting with him we decided to take the least invasive route possible, was put on ultram and flexoril. Two weeks in I woke up one morning and while trying to get dressed for work must have made the wrong twist and was struck with the most debilitating pain i have ever felt, near vomiting and shaking. I was lucky enough to be given and emergency MRI that day and saw the doctor the next morning. The MRI showed a pretty large herniation. The doctor put me on a steroid pak, and upgraded the pain killer to percocet. I was unable to get out of bed for about a week after this episode. I was able to go on a second steroid pak that ended up really doing the trick, i was able to get back on my feet and putter about the house. This was about 3 weeks ago, and I'm basically in the same position. Still suffering from sciatic pain bad enough to keep me in the house and not walking.

My question revolves around the walking. Today I decided i wouldnt let this thing get the best of me and decided to take the 8 block walk with my wife and son to the park. Due to the sciatic pain I'm unable to extend my leg enough to walk normally, so i have a nice shuffle going on. I walk like I'm 80 (I'm 30). I made it but the walk back was very very painful. Is this pain good? Or, at least, am I doing the right thing trying to walk, and just grin and bear it through the pain?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Postby woda » Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:47 am

I want to start by saying I'm not a doctor or any other type of health care professional, but I am in the same boat.

My episode was in early February and I can definitely say that walking, tho painful, is the best thing to get back to normal. I have also found that icing 4-5 times per day for 10-20 minutes can ease the pain and swelling.

Did the orthopedic specialist prescribe physical therapy? If so try to find a place with a pool! Walking in chest deep water is VERY helpful!

Once again, this is what has worked for me.
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Postby tekaponz » Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:24 pm

Thanks Woda. After posting I decided that walking at least once a day was going to be the best thing for me (I work from home, so even when healthy I dont walk all that much). The walking along with the RYB stretches over the past week have worked amazingly. I went from only being able to walk 2-3 blocks until severe sciatic pain in the thigh and calf kicked in to walking for an hour or so with just mild discomfort.

Up until this week both myself and my ortho doc felt that any physical therapy was going to be too painful. Saw him this Thursday and he was pretty stunned about my improvements and range of motion (last time he saw me was the day after my rerupture and the slightest movement of my leg cause debilitating pain).

Starting physical therapy this week. Thanks for the water tip, I'll need to call around.
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