New member asks for any help any one can give

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New member asks for any help any one can give

Postby Ar410berry » Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:14 pm

I am a 49 yo female who has always lead a very active lifestyle, 12 years army, barrel racing horses etc,,,etc,,,

In 1990 while working in a hospital I ruptured 2 discs moving a patient, L4L5 and L5S1. Before I really knew what had happened I was in surgery they did a fusion with cadaver bone, fairly quick recovery. Life goes on la di da in 1998 sudden onset of sciatica, you know the one where you suddenly hit the floor rolling and rolling in excruciating pain. Tens unit, massage therapist 3 times weekly, and rest rest rest. 6 weeks life is grand again la di da.

After that bout I started having trouble with my hips when sleeping not sure what this could be....

In April of 1999 at work and again sudden onset of sciatica, only this time the pain is worse than i have ever experienced, Neurosurgeon does MRI...cadaver bone has collapsed and I have vertebra on vertebra pinching off nerve root scheduled 1 June,,,

I wake from surgery pain free and that is all I care about, did mention to neurosurgeon that left leg is numb no prob he says there was scar tissue from previous surgery on my nerves and he stripped off all scarring much like you would the plastic casing covering your speaker wires. Lots of hardware in there now, no collapsing of titanium right..

Recovery much slower this time and some odd things happening i.e. jerking so hard when i try to sleep, tons and tons of charlie horses in my legs that would actually make my legs and feet appear disfigured numbness is still there in left same as day of surgery. Must go back to see neurosurgeon..

Well guess who is no where to be found you got it my neurosurgeon .... not only does no one in the Hampton Roads area not know where he is but no one else in the area will see me...Hmmmm

Okay off to Richmond to see very well known neurosurgeon there...tests more tests and he tells me and shows me the myelogram where the dye just stopped..not good

Okay hardware from surgery should be on L4L5 thru L5S1 but it is on what this doctor interprets as S1S2 thru S1L5 ...there is no support for L5L4and no disc there either only scar tissue holding it up somewhat that is where the dye stopped and L4L3 is bulging badly....also I have arachnoiditis which will only worsen more with a surgery to correct the wrong placement of the hardware da da di......He says to find a good pain management doctor and tough it out and pray that technology will someday find a cure or treatment for this. NOT a good day.

3 years in bed too many pain meds no ambitions..spinal cord stimulator implant and life is grand for 8 months battery dead 2 mores years in bed more of the same then an interthecal pump implant morphine got upped to dilaudid and life is some improved.

Then last September a life altering experience has me up moving and most importantly MOTIVATED...

Sorry about the long post but I feel so blessed to have found this site today i am so full of questions so I wanted to just get the med history out of the we can get busy rebuilding my back and enjoying each others amusing little tales..

first question is after so many years of bad posture since it is least painful I now want to stand up straight and proud.. One problem to stand up straight right now is so painful it literaly takes my breath forget about walking in an upright position.....HELP excersizes??? stretches???? ice cream???? anything to help is very much appreciated.

A very blessed day to all


P.S. Found nuersurgeon 4 years ago in drug rehab in california somewhere....saw pending lawsuits for surgeries performed before after and during same time frame as mine and I am truely blessed to even be walking today much less alive......Dang doctors!!!!!
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Postby djohn36755 » Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:01 am

Hi Angie -
Welcome to the forum.... I am also new here. I can't give you much advice, but wanted to commend you for not giving up hope. Have you downloaded the books yet? I have been *slowly* incorporating the stretches and beginning exercises into my life. I too am a horse person - (refusing to type "former") but haven't been able to ride all summer due to my injury. My daughter is taking care of our horses for now... but that is my dream - just to be well enough to trail ride and do my normal everyday things (like gardening).
Keep posting - it seems a little slow here but I hope everyone is having a last summer vacation and there will be more "talking" soon.
As to your question about your posture - I know many here have written "go slow " and "don't do it if it hurts".... so maybe you need to work on your stretches and flexibility before you try to stand up straight. Good Luck - hope you have a better day today!
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