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New member ... any help

Postby larryr » Wed Jul 01, 2009 7:18 pm

Hey folks, I just found this site and am exploring around it.

I am 40, male, in relatively good physical shape (not overweight) and have had back problems for about 15 years, off and on, every six or eight months would have an episode. I wonder, in retrospect, if it wasn't disc related or sciatica. (I am not sure of all the distinctions). I always thought it was muscle spasms. My MD would give me a shot of Torodol, skelaxin, and vicodin, and after a few days it was go away.

In Aug 07, I got really bad. The Torodol/Skelaxin/Vicodin didn't work. MRI showed major herniated disc (L4-L5). I had microdiscectomy on Sep 1 of 07. The neurosurgeon said it was the biggest piece he had ever taken out of anybody. After the surgery I was fine. Back to normal in a few weeks. Since May of 08, I have played golf an average of three times a week (except winter), walking, and carrying my bag.

Had one flare up in Sept of 08 after squatting down to talk to my son. Currently in a flare up since last Friday (June 19th). Started by leaning over washing dishes, it just tightened up. On Tuesday (23rd) I tried to swing a golf club (I know ... stupid).

I am currently seeing a chiropractor with hand manipulation (no drop table) and gentle decompression (40-20 for 10 minutes; I weigh about 180). My physical medicine dr, who I see tomorrow again, says she has never had any patients with positive results from spinal decompression. However, I have tried it since I am not being charged.

I took a dose pak of Medrol, and I take Skelaxin and Vicodin (rarely on the Vic). The pain is manageable ... almost non-existent at times, but I spent most of the time laying down. Sitting up for a hour or so causes back tightening and cramps in my upper back near my right shoulder blade. Extending my legs while sitting causes pain in my tailbone after about 20-30 degrees extension.

But currently I don't seem to be getting better. Previously, it took about a week and I was back to normal, even playing golf. This time, I am almost two weeks.

Any ideas about should I be stretching or doing some exercises? Or just keep waiting for more relief? I want to get back to normal as soon as possible (who doesn't?). I did a little swimming this week and walking in the water. I have down some stretching by laying on the floor and raising up on my elbows.

Any ideas??
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Postby Jackie » Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:24 pm

Hi there. I made the mistake of doing all kinds of exercises without knowing exactly what the problem was and made myself worse. Once I had the CT scan at least my physiotherapist could advise as to what was safe to do and what wasn't. (I had a herniated disc) just food for thought, that you may want to find out what the problem is before doing much more than walking in water and the cobra. good luck.
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Postby randolph 2 » Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:23 am

Hi Larry

Nerves heal slowly (months, not weeks). My initial impression is that you are having bad, recurrent pain from doing too much too early, and, possibly, the muscles around the affected disc need more strength and flexibility to bear the burden of your daily activities. My guess is the heavy-duty pain meds and the microdiscectomy, by greatly lessening your pain, gave the illusion of being healed, but the muscles around the affected disc had not strengthened, so your daily activities were still capable of injuring the nerve.

RYB may help you. Do all you can, but cease any activity that causes pain, rather that trying to push thru the pain. The affected nerve most likely will heal if not re-traumatized, and stronger, more flexible muscles will prevent further injury/pain.

Chiropractic manipulation and spinal decompression don't, of themselves, accelerate the healing; they simply provide (usually expensive) temporary, non-drug induced pain relief.

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Postby harmon » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:17 pm

why would a "piece" have to be taken out for a herniated disc?
the doctor said it was the biggest piece he'd ever seen
did he show it to you?
my advice is to stop the drugs and chiropractor and start doing the RYB program
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Postby larryr » Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:24 pm

harmon wrote:why would a "piece" have to be taken out for a herniated disc?
the doctor said it was the biggest piece he'd ever seen
did he show it to you?
my advice is to stop the drugs and chiropractor and start doing the RYB program
The disc was bulging out pushing on the nerve which was creating the pain down the leg and foot. I saw it on the MRI. I guess he cut out the part that was pushing on the nerve.

My chiropractor sees me for free. I wouldn't go otherwise. I only did the spinal decompression about three times and quit because although it was free as well, it wasn't helping noticeably.

I am trying this to see if I can strengthen my back and avoid the problems.

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