Cold feet and disc problems

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Cold feet and disc problems

Postby Henry » Sat May 09, 2009 1:11 pm

Hello everyone. I made several posts a couple of years ago after I had a L4/5 herniation and subsequently a microdiscectomy, which went well. Pain virtually all went for 6 months after surgery but I had the odd numbness in the foot and a bit of tingling from time to time, nothing very serious. Cut back on driving, did exercises and lots of walking. About 2 months ago it got a bit worse (I have been doing a lot of house decoration and DIY) and I had burning numbness or freezing cold sensation (difficult to tell which) in both feet, especially over the top and a tightness round the ankles. Physio says it is a reaction from the operation, probably irritation of the scar tissue. He is doing acupuncture and suggests I do cycling but not getting any better. Not as painful as the severe sciatica I had before surgery but I am getting worried. Has anyone had this experience? It feels like your feet are blocks of ice but they don't feel cold if touched. Also a bit of mild back pain in area of the surgery and some numbness and tingling but not hugely painful. It doesn't feel as though I have prolapsed the disc again. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Best wishes, Henry (England)
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Postby randolph 2 » Thu May 14, 2009 4:35 am

Hi Henry

Sounds like it's time to get an educated diagnosis from a doctor specializing in nerve pathology. Is that difficult to do with your medical services system there?

I'm assuming the physio recommended cycling, or any other cardio exercise like swimming, that would irritate the nerve less than running or walking ... which sounds completely sensible. Just cutting back on strenuous activities (more rest, in other words) might allow for nerve healing, and lessening of the numbness/coldness.

Sure would like to hear what you find out.

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