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New Member L 5 S1 ruputred disc

Postby schuess » Sat Nov 29, 2008 6:00 am

Hello everyone. I just jointed this forum. I have been a workers compensation attorney for 26 years, but I have learned more about failed surgeries than anything else (back related) from my work experience. I have seen few success stories and have never met anyone serious about rebuilding his back post injury.

I have had pretty severe sciatica since about Sep. 1 2008. Pain at the right ankle (and just above) is the worst and have numbness in the foot. So bad that I put a small ice pack into my sock in order to keep working. Walking bent over on bad days. Nights have been the worst, with pain going up to 8 when I lay down to sleep, on some nights.

Have had two epidural steroid shots, last one on Nov. 19 which has helped. MRI showing a big rupture at L 5- S1 and arthritis just above that. I'm getting a CT scan because they are concerned about a bone spur or something with the bone that they saw on the plain film. Got a tapered prescription for Prednisone (lasted one week) which is now done, and that helped a lot.

I did the RYB exercises on Thansksgiving Day, and yesterday, twice a day. They felt wonderful.

I don't know if I'm having some good days, and improving the last two days with the exercises, or if it's just the reduced swelling which is the effect of the epidural steroid shot, which will wear off.

We will have to see. RYB is a wonderful, awesome book.

I look forward to talking to all of you.

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failed back surgery

Postby rileyed » Thu Dec 18, 2008 8:20 am

In June I had a microdiscectomy. I really had no choice. I am in the military and faced either to continue working (i was about to go on a 3 week 24 hour rotation at the hospital), or have the surgery. My pain at that point was so bad that I had fevers. I had tried everything and it only seemed to make it worse. My pain was completely gone after surgery, but 3 months after reherniated the disk bending over. Again I tried all therapies, books, dr. sarno, meditation. Nothing seems to work and now I am unable to work (I am a dentist). The MRI shows the disk has leaked out. I have exhausted myself financially and lost motivation (especially since every therapy I try only seems to make it worse). I am going to be faced soon with the decision whether or not to have a microdiscectomy, discectomy, or fusion. according to the literature, discectomy is the highest success rate. I know it is same success after a year, but cannot deal with this pain. any advice from someone who has undergone a second surgery.
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L4L5 TLIF and L3L4 dynamic stabilization

Postby Red » Sat Jan 10, 2009 2:44 am

If you had 2 herniation at the same disk, I think doing another discectomy might not have the same sucess rate as your initial one. Depending on your scar tissue of the fist surgery, you need to ask your doc abt the sucess rate and best procedure. I am in the same boat as you. Had a herniation in 1999 and had the disectomy partial and reherniated again. However due to my first injury there was scar tissues and my disk height was effective lowered according to MRI. Hence fusion is the best for me and not microdisectomy or disectomy. Talk to your docs and it is impt to get different opinions.

After much pain I will be going to my surgery L4L5 TLIF and L3L4 dynamic stabilization next week. Any one who had this surgery before...any success stories. Good Luck. Do what is best for you to enjoy life....cos I think enduring the pain will cos you not to have quality in life....Life it to the fullest with no pain
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