is there anybody else besids me who the DRX worked for?

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is there anybody else besids me who the DRX worked for?

Postby ryanmitton » Tue Apr 10, 2007 12:08 am

not interested in complainers or whiners in this post thanks.

if drx worked for you like it did for me, please tell your story here for everbody.

My story:

im 30. at 28 i was a meat head, lifting too much weight, probably with bad form... right before i got married the landscaping with hunks of sandstone in my yard, big big hunks, finally pushed my back into the downward spiral of an L5 S1 bulge/protrusion. Didn't want to wait for public health care (here in canada) so i got a private mri done. i rushed home and tossed the dvd in my comp and i really didn't even need to read the techs report....pretty easy to see the protrusion.

my MD then looked at it and sent me to the chiro's. She was useless and adjusted me for about 3 months with zero results, so i moved on to a physiotherapist to see if we could deal with it that way. MD then told me to get surgery. Whatever. Not an option as far as i was concerned.

i dont' know about you guys, but theres like zero sex life when you've got a disc poking into your roots, so, after just getting married i was getting closer (hahah, read desparate) to actually considering surgery.

saw an ad in local calgary herald for drx machine, checked it out, the science made sense, so i hopped on and didnt' feel any releif for the first 10 treatments out of 20, then whammo. it left and i havnt' had it back since.

i was 8 our of 10 and went to zero out of ten in 3 months. i do get the occasional minor flair up, but thats cause i play ballhockey, work out, mountainbike, play squash, cross country run, and downhill ski.

i don't own a machine and im not a doctor. the machine i used was in a chiropractors office who was doing his masters on something to do with disc herniations.

cheers, and keep your chin up all of you who are working towards rehab completion. it's real. intend it and you will get it.
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Spinal Decompression

Postby jblunt » Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:36 pm

I am glad it worked for you. I spoke with a chiropractor who suggested I try the VAX-D. I would have to pay $1500.00 upfront because my health insurance does not cover it, but I was concerned that it might not help so I opted to go with the exercises in Dean's book.

I am doing a little better with the exercises but I wonder if the spinal decompression treatment would eliminate my bulge.



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