Injury on top of injury Pain throut spine/back/neck

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Injury on top of injury Pain throut spine/back/neck

Post by celia » Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:00 pm

Dean, I am requesting an answer from you please. I am 35 (much too young for ant type of these problems). I also have a four year old and wish to enjoy all activities with her. I desire a normal life of a healthy individual. Without pain and with HEALING. It is most important that my body heals - it has never seemed to be able to actually HEAL in the past.
First, I got a herniated disc - L5 S1 in 1996 after lifting a rocking chair improperly (and I had been under great stress as my mom had just passed on and I had no other family left). I believe stress is detrimental and played a role in this injury. I was eventually (within weeks) in extreme pain and was on the floor. A chiro took x-rays (was able to see this with only an x-ray) and showed me the herniation - to the left and said it was on the verge of rupturing. I went through much chiro PT including traction. He said I might have difficulties if I were ever to become pregnant. I eventually stopped treatment due to mounting chiro bills. It would act up from time to time, but eventually it seemed to be non-exsistant. I became pregnant and was extremely active in 2002. Not one back episode.
Then, I fell down a flight of stairs at work and injured my knee and was in enough lower back pain to have them order an MRI. Guess what, it showed an L5 S1 herniation to the left side. But the treating Dr. was not really concerned with it. Went through some PT. (This was worker's comp case). Since then I have had a few minor aggrivations but eventually again complete disappation. It no longer bothered me. Minor GENTLE chiro adjustments from time to time, but with no regularity.
THEN, in June of 2006, I was STOPPED at a red light and was rear-ended by someone who as she stated in the police report had a sticky gas pedal. I think there was acceleration on her part. I was hit into an entirely different lane of traffic. I was sent to another chiro. Who after several weeks of therapy could not understand why I was not recovering and asked how hard could she have actually hit me. Again he had taken x-rays of my neck and lower back and SAW NO NEW herniations. FINALLY, after much complaint from me he ordered cervical and lumbar MRIs. The lumbar MRI showed L5 S1 herniation 4 times worse than the previous MRI with nerve root impingement. Also, an L4 L5 protrusion to the right side. On the cervical MRI it showed herniations in EVERY disc to one degree or another. Also abnormal bone marrow in one vertebrea. I had never had any neck problems previously. I researched on the internet and did not find your site at the time, but learned all about spinal decompression! A-ha I thought! I fought to change my course of treatment and got to go through cervical and lumbar decompression until the symptoms lessened. I was released from that chiro in Dec. of 2006 - basically because it was a PI case and he knew they would not go any farther. I remained with him however on a wellness program where I went once every two weeks for manipulation. My lower back acted up slightly late Jan. 2007 so he gave me four more lumbar sessions on the decompression machine. Was not really feeling as much benifit this time.
THEN, (bad things happen to good people) I am a first-year teacher, and still in school myself (STRESS, STRESS, STRESS) and on Feb. 15th, 2007, last week, I was out on the playground talking to another teacher and a big 3rd grader about 100 lbs., height just under my armpit level, ran into me FULL FORCE from behind, I did not see him at all, hitting directly into my spine. I was in immediate lower back pain. I can feel my herniated discs (and KNOW what they feel like). I called the spinal decompression chiro that I was still seeing - had just seen him the previous day, and he immediately would not even speak to me and would no longer help me - I have been let go by him!!!!! And I really thought he was there to help. (This falls under worker's comp now). So, I was taken to a doc in the box and was given lower back x-rays. I said I had just recovered from a car accident last summer and had two lower back herniations. The doc said I just got bruised up and was perscribed ibuprofen and muscle relaxers. She said my x-rays looked fine. I did not get to look at them. Since then I have rested taken my pills, and had a massage. I am in worse pain in my high lower to mid back all the way to the scapulas. I FEEL like I have many new herniated discs!!!!!! In the high lower back and the thorasic back! Which I felt three days after the incident. These pains sharp and shooting are not disappating. I am also having slight neck pain. I am going for a follow-up tomorrow to the doc in the box. None of my regular doctors including my MD will touch me right now. I would like an MRI to see if there is further damage, but is this necessary? I DO NOT want to rupture (could this have happened already) a disc by exercising or anything. I have now found your sight and am going to order the back and neck books, and have been introduced to the Egoscue method. Is your plan the same type of plan? And, can I HEAL, (I am in PAIN right now)? Why are some chiro/Drs able to see herniations in x-rays and others not able to see them? Are x-rays sufficient if you get the right Dr to read them when looking for herniations and ruptures? What are your credentials? I am too young for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, (I am praying for healing as well, and my community is praying formy healing as well.)

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Post by Dean » Thu Feb 22, 2007 1:20 pm

Hi Celia,

Sounds like you're keeping your lucky rabbit's foot in the wrong pocket. :)

Sorry... I realize you may not feel like laughing just yet... but I thought you might be able to use some cheering up.

On a more serious note, most of my answers to your questions would be the same as I've already written elsewhere on the site or in the books. Perhaps start with reading my articles on herniated discs if you haven't already.

Also, check out my "About" page for more about me personally.

I've heard of Pete Egosque and plan on getting his books one of these days. I think he and I may be in agreement on some things, but I won't know for sure until I have a chance to see what he is actually teaching.

I've found that you can learn something from just about everybody, even if you disagree with them on some issues. I've even learned some things from chiropractors believe it or not. (Unfortunately, I've had to "unlearn" more from them than vice versa.)

I suspect that your doctors are refusing to see you ... not because they've given up on you ... but because they don't want to continue taking your money at this point. (They're being ethical... even if it seems a bit insensitive.)

The fact that they are not sending you to a surgeon means you aren't as bad off as you feel. What you have is an unusual number of very painful ... but fortunately ... very minor injuries.

I don't say this to minimize what you're going through right now, but only to assure you that things are not as bad as they may seem.

Medical terms can be very frightening. Hearing the doctor use terms like herniation, rupture and degenerative disc disease generally does not help to put your mind at ease.

It would be better -- from a psychological standpoint -- if they just said you have a little boo boo... in your case, a lot of little boo boos. :)

I'm 100 percent certain that you can heal... and that you can rebuild your back and neck. The good news is, it won't take any longer to heal a dozen herniated discs than it would to heal only one... since they (essentially) all heal at the same rate.

Chin up... pip pip and all that... I know it hurts at the moment, but you will get through this and when it's all over and done, you will be in a better position to help someone else through similar circumstances.


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Post by randolph » Tue Feb 27, 2007 7:28 am

Hello Celia

I'm assuming you directed your initial post to Dean because you REALLY want to get better and thinks there's a good chance his advice and books might help you heal and return to a normal life. I'm someone who has been helped greatly by Dean's advice in the forum, his books, AND by the advice and encouragement others in the forum have given me. A lot of us have been in the same pain you're suffering from right now ... and we have returned to a normal, pain-free life.

I hope you'll thoroughly digest the encouraging advice Dean has offered to you. And do please read and reread and re-reread his books and articles, and search the forum for the stories of those who have healed from injuries similar to yours. You greatly increase the likelihood of returning to a normal life if you are thoroughly saturated with realistic hope that you aren't any different than the many others who have licked this thing that's ruining your life, temporarily, right now.

Please keep us posted on your progress, and bombard us with the questions that invariably come up when you're trying something new.


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