Relapse, grrrr...

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Relapse, grrrr...

Postby longtallsally » Tue Dec 26, 2006 8:14 pm

Well, after over a year of no worries, sure enough my lack of activity over the last month caught up with me. I have been doing the exercises almost daily for over a year with great success.

However, I've recently gone through a real emotional and tough break up (much more painful than this back stuff) which has put me in a bit of a depression. I've lost 30 lbs. and started smoking. I know I know, but I'm really struggling.

Getting to my point, I know it was inactivity that allowed this to happen and poor posture. I was just getting up out of the couch at my parents house where I am for Christmas and I knew what happened and sat right back down and said bad words to myself.

Being pissed off about it I went back and read the book again and looked at the basic exercises. I've been doing most all of them successfully this evening which has helped, but I'm certain I've got a pinched nerve. Just how long do I have to wait for the nerver to "chill out" so I can actually do the rebuilding process? I'm typically a real athelete and am 6'7" with no major issues other than my junk is broken (and weak at this point) so I know the cause and the solution, but this pinched nerve bit is TOTALLY debilitating- to the point that I can't walk if I push it. Should I just keep doing the exercises every couple hours and hope it will subside and the strength I'm building again will save me again?

And I need to get on a plane on Friday to get home and I'm sure you can imagine how comfortable that is for someone my size so I gotta sort it out fast.

Thanks, and Dean is totally correct in the book and have reccommended the book to a couple people in my office as well.
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Postby longtallsally » Wed Dec 27, 2006 3:03 am

I forgot to mention: Every time this happens, it is when I stand up straight that the pain comes. And I mean is COMES HARD! What is up with that? I have become very aware of my posture and work on it constantly. However, when this happens, I have to lean to the side significantly to be able to even function. It is a small crick and then in a couple hours I am totally immobile.

Any ideas? As I lay here in bed in the middle of the night and can't even sleep...
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Postby longtallsally » Wed Dec 27, 2006 11:10 am

Well since I can't really do much, I'll just continue to post. My back has done its traditional much worse the next day bit and I'm in pain pretty much constantly despite being hopped up on Advil.

Anyway, more kudos to Dean as I've been doing the basic exercises and although not much, it is helping. It friggin' hurts as much to do the friggin' exercises as my friggin' back hurts, though.

Mental note, don't fall in love and then get heart broken and then stop taking care of yourself. Gotta remember that one...
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Postby randolph » Wed Dec 27, 2006 2:21 pm

Hi longtallsally

Having gone thru a relapse last April, near as bad as the initial explosion of sciatica that hit me 9/05 .... I have a hint of what you're going thru ... besides the physical pain, you get all those yucky, intense feelings of being such an idiot and, oh sXXX ... not again. Right ... or was that just me? Looking back, though, on that relapse ... I did learn a lot from it. Which does nothing for the pain you're in now and how you're going to handle the flight back home ... I know ... but here's something else you might want to check out while you've got time to surf the net. Have you ever been checked out for a diagnosis of TMS (tension myositis syndrome)? What little I know about it ... sounds like you've got some TMS red flags flying. Might want to check out the wikipedia summary on it. I've been getting some help with my own back issues from Dr Sarno's books that explain about TMS more fully.

For the immediate relief of the pain, Advil never worked for me ... but Alleve (naproxen sodium) was very effective at max dosage. If you haven't tried it, the side-effects aren't too bad.

Can't help much with the love-sick blues. I was very unlucky at love for 25 years before I found my lady-love and she was worth all the waiting and paining. Not too sure about this ... but maybe I had to go thru all the broken hearts and ham-handed mistakes before I could appreciate her when she came along? If you can get some books by David M. Buss, he's got some interesting things to say about the romance games we play. He's been watching people all over the world play the mating game for several decades as both a research scientist and horny guy. For the woman's point of view, you can't beat Jane Juska's two books, Round-heeled Woman, and Unaccompanied Women. She's been there, done that, and leaps back into the game for more ... and is a truly superb writer. For some reason, it seems to help to read about others who have been idiots, too.

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Postby longtallsally » Wed Dec 27, 2006 4:00 pm

Thanks for the kind words. I'm not certain if the tension you mention is that of psychological of physiological? However, I'll do some research and find out what I can so thanks for the heads up.

I was able to just walk around Costco with my mom & dad, but used a cane and had to site down a couple times. I still can't stand up straight, but once I do a couple of the exercises I'm good for a short while. I've got tonight and tomorrow to get sorted before the flight.

Here's the real bear; I sold my car and only have motorcycles to ride now, so this is the swift kick in the butt to make sure I get religious on the exercises and use the gym as opposed to a pack of cigarettes to cure the pain I'm in- emotional as well as physical.
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