Ice/Heat Therapy question

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Ice/Heat Therapy question

Post by sal » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:01 pm

Just started the healing portion of ryb. I know I reinjured my ligament(s) because pain level increased after I moved to new house-too much physical activity. Two questions: how do I do the ice/heat therapy alternating for 2 hours 3-4 times a day without hurting more by sitting to do the therapy? Is there a certain way to lie or sit? Secondly, when walking is suggested and says as much as humanly possible-that is relative. I have always been athletic, so approximately how much walking per day would be alright for the healing stage? (piriformis/sciatic left buttock and thigh pain 24/7). Sounds so elementary, but I am desperate for relief as all of you and I want to do ryb exactly as prescribed. Thank you greatly.


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Post by tomcat » Sun Dec 03, 2006 12:13 pm

Hi Sal

I'm not an expert, so can just tell you what has helped me. I didn't have any relief from the ice/heat. Maybe i didn't stick with it long enough. I have to lie down flat on my back and straight to minimize sciatica. Mine goes away most of the time after i lie down for a while and seems a lot better if i stay straight all night. Sitting is the worst thing for me, and here is what works and what doesn't. sit in a firm chair (like a dining room chair) on the front of the seat with your back very straight. i only sit on the first 3 - 4 inches of the seat. if you have to sit back, use a pillow or something. i got a mckenzie half round foam pillow from my PT and it helps a lot while driving. i can't sit on a couch or soft chair very long at all. i lay down to watch tv, which is a little odd if you're at someone elses house.

I was walking 6 miles a day at a 12 - 13 minute a mile pace when my back exploded. i just really increased my pace and distance, and still feel that may have contributed. lately, my leg gets really tight. if i walk a mile or two slow it pretty much goes away after a couple days, but i get more pain in my leg and back after a week or so. not sure if im doing more damage than good.

hope this helps, Tom

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Post by randolph » Thu Dec 07, 2006 4:50 pm

Good questions, Sal

I've had similar experiences with sitting and lying down, as tomcat, except the ice/heat treatment was really very effective for me. My home brew ice/heat system went like this during the month I needed to use it: Filled 3, foot-long enema bags with enough water to be about 1 inch thick uniformly when frozen. One bag that had been thawing 30 minutes or so (enough of the ice had melted to cushion the back from the rock-hard ice) was wrapped in a small, moist towel, then placed on my lower back and held in place by the flex waist band of a pair of sweat pants I wore for this purpose. After the ice melted, that bag went back in the freezer, a frozen bag came out to thaw, then it was time for the heat pad (aaaaaaahhhh). 30 minutes later, start the whole cycle again with that thawing bag. Usually I would lie "back down" on top of the ice-towel-bag. Not the most comfortable thing ... but the pain relief made it worthwhile for me. Hope this works as well for you as it did for me.

As for how much to walk: when it hurts, rest. If you don't overdo it, you should be able to walk a little more each day. If you do overdo it, the next day or two you may have to rest, then try again.


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