Entire Right-Side is Weak / Stiff, resources or suggestions?

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Entire Right-Side is Weak / Stiff, resources or suggestions?

Postby Shawnm23 » Fri Apr 21, 2006 11:43 am

to preface, the concise version of my trouble is basically summarized in the topic header. i would be more than willing to share specifics or even write up my own semi-official 'diagnosis', but i figured id keep the first post short and to the point.

i just acquired dean's RYB 2nd edition book yesterday, after a couple hours of searching online through googled variations on 'lower back pain'.
i have nothing but positive comments for the manual itself as well as the way dean's entire program is conducted *HOWEVER*

i just tried the very first step of the most basic Cobra this morning, and even that is difficult for me. i understand by its very nature you are not supposed to 'force' it, as the fundamental idea is to relax and let your body do the re-aligning. but therein is my problem.. my right side remains stiff and tight and i simply could not achieve "deep breath" or abdominal correctness. there is a sort of tightness throughout the right side of my core area, and a pinch in my hip and buttocks. i made multiple attempts with different methods (using music to distract me etc) but simply had to take a break. i dont want to say "gave up" because i admit there is the possibility that it is simply a user error situation and i have every intention of trying again..

but maybe there is something else i should be doing, because of my specific condition?
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Postby randolph » Fri Apr 21, 2006 1:24 pm

Hello Shawn

Glad to read you're giving RYB a try.

I'm going to give a few general tips about stretching that I've learned in my years of stretching. I'm assuming you're otherwise healthy, except for the specific back related problems that led you to this website, and that you've not done a lot of stretching before this.

If the basic stretches in RYB are too much, you might want to check out the even more basic stretches in the Pain Relief Manual. I had to start with the very basic form of the cobra for over two months before I could even attempt the RYB cobra ... and now after more months, can really get into it. Just a little bit at a time.

You just have to start where you body is at. You've probably noticed some stretches you can do really well, some not so good, some maybe are even difficult. You just do what you can do (as you said, not forcing it). The more you do them, the more flexibility you'll develop. That applies in the short term: when you first begin the day's exercises, you might be very stiff ... but after a few minutes, you'll probably loosen up. And in the long term: from week to week you'll probably begin the day's exercises a bit more flexible than the previous weeks, and push a bit farther than before.

Then again, there are days when you're just plain and simply stiff. Some days the pinch in the hip is worse than others. Just do what you can, pushing yourself to that point where you can comfortably hold the stretch for 30-45 seconds, but far enough so you feel a nice relief in releasing the stretch.

It also helps to do a variety of stretches that all together, involve all of your body, starting with the easiest for you and building up to those that are more challenging.

At least, that's how it works for me. Hope this helps, Shawn.
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Re: Entire Right-Side is Weak / Stiff, resources or suggesti

Postby Shawnm23 » Fri Apr 21, 2006 3:35 pm

ok i went back at it today after reading more of the manual and talking to a college friend who is going for a Phys Therapy degree.

so i have a specific question-

the hip shrug, if i struggle with this while standing up right but feel like it has the potential to really adress my unique problem.. should i do this lying down on my back? or on my stomach? in a pool? anything? (dr seuss moment forgive me)
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Postby randolph » Sat Apr 22, 2006 6:17 am

Hi Shawn

Your Dr Seuss moment was contagious ... and resulted in the following fun-ner (fun-lier? fun-mentatious?) way to respond to your questions about the hip shrug.

Ahem! (the throat clearing sound) .... with apologies to Dr. Seuss

I took a walk propped by my cane / To see the doc to end my pain.
But who should I see wai-ting there, too / That famous furry you know who!
Yes doc Seuss's famous cat! / The one, the only cat in the hat!!
I said, "how strange to see your fur" / I whispered, "can I hear you purr?"
"Oh NO!" said cat, "but this I'll do / Let's find a hip shrug right for you!"
"A shrug, you say? for my hurt back? / Are you sure that's THE right track?"
"Oh yes indeed, there is no drug / That helps one like a well done shrug.
Try my fantastic hip, hip shrug / It's better than a hip hop hug.
Lie on your back (unlike a bug) / Then wiggle like a slimey slug!"
"A slimey slug!?! Never!!" I said / "I'd rather stand upon my head!"
"No one can do a shrug like that!" / Said my now frustrated cat.
"Okay," said cat, "lie on your abs / And wiggle like a waggle wabbs."
"A waggle wabbs?!? Are you so lame! / I never ever play THAT game!"
"Okay," said cat, "then try a pool: / shrugging there's so hip ... so cool!"
"But there's no pool in my whole town! / Besides, I think, that there I'd drown!"
By now said cat begins to growl / And gives me a most cat-like scowl:
"Then shrug upon both of your knees! / Or shrug while thru your nose you sneeze,
Or shrug upon a Persian rug / Or shrug while standing on your mug,
Or shrug while in your monster truck / or shrug while drinking smoothie muck,
But shrug you MUST and start today!!" / Then tipped his hat and said, "Good Day!!"

Hope this helps you find the shrug right for you!! Randolph
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Postby Dean » Sat Apr 29, 2006 11:34 am

...can't help wonderin' what they've been slippin' in your Bosco. 8)

p.s. Do they still make Bosco?
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