Have Severe Pain in Right Leg and Buttocks

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Have Severe Pain in Right Leg and Buttocks

Postby LindaMC » Wed Feb 01, 2006 2:39 pm


I am just about at my wits end, I have literally been suffering with Sciatic pain for well over a year, almost a year and half. I have been seeing a chiropractor to know avail but continue to go twice a month now, not even sure why. Well I shouldn't say that, when I first started seeing him, a year ago this past December, after 2-3 months of seeing his 3 times a week, the pain finally started to subside. I wasn't going as much and continued to do stretching excersises. In late April, I was in a car accident where my SUV was side swipped and spun around, throwing me up against the door. From that day on, the pain has been pretty bad.

I am a temporary Administrative Assistant and currently have no health insurance. The fact that I'm an admin, keeps me sitting all day for the most part and that's when the pain is the worst. Then after sitting all day long, the drive home for me is unbareable. Not sure what I'm looking for, other than relief from my pain, but thought I'd reach out to other's who are in a similar situation as mine.

The summer before this pain started, I was in great shape, I had just been laid off from my job of 8 years, so I jumped into aerobics and pilates with full force. That fall is when I first started noticing that something was wrong. I was walking my dog (100 lb Labrador Retriever) when I noticed the bottom of my foot started to get numb. From that day on, it's been all down hill and come that Xmas, I was in tears and started seeing a chiropractor soon after.

Now as I am sitting here typing this, the pain is in my right hip, thigh and knee, it moves around but it's always been mostly in my right buttock and thigh area. Lately it's even gone over to the other side.

I would like to look into some other types of excersises but I'm so afraid it's going to be the same old story. I've purchased so many disks and books on muscle imbalances and sciatca exercises and nothing has seemed to help.

If anyone can give me any advice, I would be forever grateful.

Thank you,

Re: Have Severe Pain in Right Leg and Buttocks

Postby Trina » Fri Feb 03, 2006 11:23 am

LindaMC wrote:Hello,
I would like to look into some other types of exersises but I'm so afraid it's going to be the same old story. I've purchased so many disks and books on muscle imbalances and sciatca exercises and nothing has seemed to help.

Hi LindaMC,

I know how you feel, before I found this website I had tried several other treatment programs that were supposed to relieve back pain too. Most of them were just hype. What impressed me the most about Dean and convinced my to try his book was reading his articles. I could just tell he knew what he was talking about and that he wasn't just trying to sell me smoke and mirrors.

I think if you take the time to read his articles and the posts in this forum you will see what I mean. Your back is too important and Dean's books are so affordable that you would be crazy not to give them a try. I did and I will be forever greatful that I did.

Take care,
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Postby randolph » Sat Mar 04, 2006 1:54 pm

Hello LindaMC :D

I'll ditto Trina's encouragement to you above and add the following:

First, can you see, or have you seen a GP to find out how badly you were hurt in the car accident? As effective as the RYB exercise program is, it's not going to fix things that simply need some professional attention, like surgery.

Second, if you need financial help to see the GP, does your state have some kind of medicaid to help you? In my state of NC, medicaid is available when cash reserves get below $3K and income is below a pretty high minimum.

Third, I'm grateful you've receivd at least competent help from a chiropractor. I'd want to go chirobase.com (see Dean's list of websites in the Resources bin) or chirotalk.proboards3.com and check if your DC is practicing any quackery on you. Some DCs are quite misguided and positively dangerous.

Fourth, try to do some of the neck and spine stretches while you're sitting at your work, or take more frequent stretching breaks. It's really helped me on my job (I sit 10-15 hrs/day driving a truck) to keep stretched, especially after I notice some tightness in my neck, shoulders or back. Stretching/exercising are frequently very effective pain relievers, and cost nothing but the effort to do it.

Fifth, keep coming back here and get educated into how much real hope and help there is available to you right now, even as bleak and hopeless as it may feel sometimes. There's a lot of good info here, that takes a while to digest, to allow life-saving AH-HA! moments to spontaneously propel you into a pain-free future. :D

Hope some of this helps you
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