Rules For Posting

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Rules For Posting

Postby Admin » Fri Jun 10, 2005 4:09 pm

General Posting Guidelines:

1. Have fun...

I built this forum as a way for you to maintain the healthy back you've worked so hard to achieve. Keeping in touch and interacting with other rebuilders is the easiest way to keep motivated and in a "back healthy" frame of mind. So have fun and don't feel like you have to just talk about your back. (See my post on "Making the Forum Work For You" for more on this.)

2. Be positive and uplifting...

We have the fortunate distinction of being the only happy back pain support group on the net and we want to keep it that way. Over the past two years as I've discussed building this forum with the members of this group the overwhelming majority have made it clear that they're not interested in sob stories.

So try to make your posts positive and uplifting. Do what you can to help new members by responding to their questions if you know the answer. Share your ideas and your experience and try to make everyone feel welcome.

There are already a number of chronic pain support groups for the non-rebuilders and victims of botched surgeries... and while we sympathize with their plight... this forum is for those of us who, up until now, did not have a place to gather and encourage one another. So while everyone is welcome here... please keep in mind that negative, depressing posts are not appropriate.

3. Strive to encourage your fellow rebuilders...

If you disagree with someone it's okay to politely say so as long as you don't criticize, belittle or deride another person's opinion or idea. (Fortunately, this has never been a problem with this group but I thought we should make it a rule just in case the situation ever came up.)

4. Don't spam the group...

This is not the place for ads promoting other websites. You are allowed to list your website in your user profile only.

5. Remember Rule #1: Have fun...

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