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Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 4:59 am
by rmo456
I used to work for the phone company, which gave me a chronic migraine condition, so I went to a general practitioner who took a few (small) tests, shrugged at me and advised offhand to "get a massage, go to a chiropractor or something". Well, I was des[erate to hold onto my job, so I went through EIGHT MONTHS of repetitive treatments THREE TIMES A WEEK! What a racket these people have got going, boy!, because this guy had me so fooled ... he was "on a mission" and so sugary-sweet about helping people ... he has a regular assembly-line operation going on ... one after the other people lie down, he does the same "back crack" ugh! I HATED it! (Can't even stand cracking knuckles!), and next twists to both sides, JERKS really, which was even worse! ... and would say, Good Job, next! This charlatan is making an absolutre fortune off of hurting people ... he also hurt my daughter very badly, as well as my sister-in-law. I have spoken to some others in town who tell me he's absolutelu looney-tunes!! Well, one day I heard a sanp in my neck and felt a sharp pain, and yelled OW!, to which he did not even react, of course ... then woke up the next morn absolutelu PARALYZED!! It took a series of strong steroid shots that were painful to go thtough, before I could even move my neck again ... he damn near broke it! I spoke to three lawyers about it, and not a one would touch it, saying that "it's very hard to get these doctors on malpractice cases ... they could say it happened somehow else!" I said, well I wasn't in an accident or anything, and I had the before and after x-rays ... but it didn't matter ... no one would help me (they're so full of it on those TV commercials, I get livid every time I see one!), and I had to leave my good job and have been feeling more and more crippled since, as now I'm all thrown out of line, with not just the two discs he put out on in my neck, but another in my lower back causing terrible sciatica, and all sorts of referred pain. The doctors are making a pincushion out of me, their drugs made me sick, both for the headaches and back problems medically CAUSED, taking all my money, with little-to-no-relief at all! I think we should all get together and have these charlatans arrested and brought up on criminal charges for ruining trusting (what else could we do?) people's health and veritable lives ... I get very little disability, finally, and am worried all the time, making my health worsen ... while HE is living a millionaire's life! It's DISGUSTING! If you can print this ... I have warned mother's i know to not take their children anymore to him ... his name is Terrence Mundy of 129th St * Newport Ave, Belle Harbor, Queens, NY 11694 ... AVOID HIM LIKE THE PLAQUE!! And I believe ALL chiropractors, who don't even have doctoral degress ... this guy told me and other people ridiculous things about the shape of our spines and neckbones ... even told one woman she was going to DIE if she didn't see him as often as possible! What a @#!!% racket he's got going! My poor daughter, who is only 28, is totally beyond medical help, they now tell her (and everyone says something different, grrrr!), her having to use morphine patches and had to quit her good job at such a young age, is talking about giving up on life, she is in so much pain all the time ... and she only saw him once ... it just took a lot longer before he hurt me, although from what I've read on your site ... he was tearing me up in small bits all along! ... she says he hurt her the first time, and I wish I had believed her, but my older sister was such a great proponent of chiro and I listened to her instead. I am now just finding out about strenthening the back and neck and hope it works for me (and my daughter), but am scared to move the wrong way, for fear of ending up in traction or something, God forbid ... because I've tried everything else and nothing has worked, my condition has just worsened. Has anyone tried the CorEvolution therapy machine? I ordered it before i saw this, and would be interested to hear if it has cured anyone ... it just arrived today and it's not cheap! I'm going to be paying for it for the next ten months, so if it does not work, or I can't manage to do it, I am going to be quite upset as it would cost a lot to return. Thanks everyone for reading all this ... I have been feeling so taken-advantage of, ripped off, and roughly manhandled ... so far this jerk has effectively ruined mine and my daughter's, especially, life, and yet he goes right on hurting who knows how many others? If anyone else has been hurt by him, and know of any class-action lawsuit, which there absolutely SHOULD be, please let me know, as I'd be at the forefront ... except for the stupid statute of limitations, which I believe has passed for us ... as I said ... no lawyer would touch it ... they're full of it, too! Thanks again for letting me vent, I wish everyone better health, God Bless! Regina O'Leary

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 7:10 pm
by randolph
Hi Regina

I can understand some of your pain ... having been injured by a chiro a couple years ago; I was in horrible sciatic pain and couldn't walk for 2 months after 3 chiro adjustments .... maybe not the nightmare you're in right now ... but a nightmare for me nonetheless. I do not fondly remember those horrible, desperate feelings of possible, never-ending doom that you are experiencing now. And I remember spending many sleepless, painful nights imaging Hannibal Lecter endings for the chiro who hurt me (which, thankfully, I never got to carry out to fruition)

The good news is: you're feelings may not be right to predict that your life has been ruined forever by the chiro who hurt you. It is truly tragic that the chiros are shielded, lawfully, from having to pay for their malpractice. But, the good news is ... that you may be able to get back to your previous pain-free life. It took me two years (using mostly the RYB exercises ... and certainly no expensive machines) to get back to normal after my chiro's mal-adjustments. I'm just saying ... it hurts now, but that ain't necessarily how it's going to be forever, for you.

I have no experience with the CorEvolution machine. Googling "corevolution therapy" revealed that it looks like an over-hyped, over-priced, info-mercialized machine ... but maybe you'll get some benefit from it, nonetheless.

I do have some very good experience with Dean's RYB program and hope you'll give it a very good try. It worked for me, in a situation that looks somewhat similar to yours.


Re: Randolph's reply to Regina

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 8:00 pm
by rmo456
Dear Randolph, thanks so much for your time and concern to reply to my posting.

Unfortunately, I did not come across the program you say has helped you until right after I ordered the CorEvolution machine ... and you're right, it is expensive ... I'll be paying like $50 a month for the next 10 , but I felt a bit desperate, and had just read that the only long-term hope for slipped discs (if you can't afford the cutting-edge OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive but minimally invasive endodiscectomy they are just developing, which costs like $30,000 per disc, and I have 3 out of place!) is to strengthen your back muscles. This supposedly will help to re-align and build-up. protect, the weakened areas.

Outside therapy is much more time-consuming and I haven't been able to afford it ... this machine supposedly has been around for some time (while being perfected) as a genuine physical therapy machine.

I certainly hope it helps, and that I could even do it, as it arrived just recently, and is much heavier and larger to store than they are leading people to believe.

I pray I do not have to return it, as it was free shipping but would cost me about $75 to return it! That's more than the first payment, so I would end up losing money on it.

I'm just so fed up with the doctors not helping, but rather hurting me, or doing nothing that helps, just costs. I am only 51 and do not want to end up a cripple, which I am getting scared I will from worsening nerve damage, so felt I had to do something.

I am going to go very easy, but give it my best shot ... and I'll let you know how it is going ... thanks so much again for responding to me! Good health to you.

Regina O'Leary

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:15 pm
by randolph
Yes, Regina, please do keep us posted on your progress, including your experience with the CorEvolution machine. During the first, painful months of sciatica, there seems to be a place for receiving assistance from others and from devices/machines. Hopefully, you'll rebuild your back to the point where you won't HAVE to use the machine, or can give it to someone else.

I don't know what's worse: the actual physical pain of sciatica, or the fear of the unknown that arises when we hear phrases like "possibility of permanent nerve damage" or "ending up a cripple" or "the longer you wait for surgery, the more likely it will fail". (Certainly, they're both bad)Sometimes I think the doctors throw phrases like that at us, with the good intention of helping us see the wisdom of saying yes to their therapies, without realizing they don't know that physical therapies, like RYB, work for those with the time to heal slowly with them.

At any rate, keep coming back and asking questions. A lot of us here have been where you are, and have successfully regained normal lives. Maybe one day we'll also figure out a way to legally execute revenge on the well-meaning, but ignorant chiros who hurt us.


Re: Regina

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:07 pm
by rmo456
Thanks, Randolph ... I will keep you all posted! Regina


Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 4:50 pm
by lawman
rmo456 wrote:Thanks, Randolph ... I will keep you all posted! Regina

The way to get back at them for the injury , hit them where it hurts, the wallet, find an attorney and sue them. More and more of my brethren are waking up to the field of chiro-suing. It should not be too hard to find an attorney who will take a look at your case for free.
More and more lawyers are looking at the area of chiropractic liability, and filing suit.

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 3:53 pm
by Dean
Hey Lawman,

Thanks for stopping by my humble little forum. You are always welcome here. My forum is not as active as Chirotalk, but we do occasionally get feedback from people injured by chiropractors.

I've always stopped short of advising people to sue because that is not my area and I think it is a decision they should make for themselves.

Having said that, I think your advice is valid. Chiropractors want everyone to think they are untouchable, but -- like almost everything associated with that profession -- the truth is just the opposite.

Feel free to post any additional advice that you think might be helpful.


Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:36 am
by randolph
After I was injured (almost 2 yrs ago) by a well-meaning but ignorant DC, I explored the possibility of suing that chiropractor for the half a year of wages I lost, not being able to work.

Stonewalls everywhere. Maybe things have changed for the better since then, but this is what I found.

North Carolina malpractice law, as it applies to chiropractors, makes it nearly impossible to sue a DC except in case of gross, intentional malpractice that results in death or 100% disability. Anything less than this, and the law seems to give the DC the benefit of the doubt. Not surprising, since laws governing DCs were written by chiropractic organizations, marketted successfully by their lobbyists, and passed by legislators who had no idea what they were voting on. (Many state newspapers cried FOUL, but to no avail) You want to change the law? Surely necessary ... but you take on a new career to do so. I don't have the time or money.

A malpractice suit would require expert testimony from reformed chiropractors (1 from chirotalk volunteered his services for, I'm sure, a reasonable price ... but still in the $1,000s). Again, I don't have that kind of money.

No attorneys in my county and several surrounding counties would take my case on contingency. I contacted by phone, mail, or visiting in person, nearly a 100 of them. A few (outside my county) were willing to take the case ... IF I was willing to front several $1,000s to pursue my case in court. So, again, no go. I don't blame the lawyers for this; what, afterall, do they have to gain by suing for the few $1,000s I lost in not being able to work for a half year because of this DC's malpractice?

Perhaps a class action suit pursued by many folks harmed by one DC would make some lawyer salivate ... but the system in NC is rigged against any one, wage-earning family man, suing, successfully, for DC malpractice.

Just one view from the trenches of practical reality.