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The Mind Creates Ailments

Posted: Sun May 13, 2007 3:53 pm
by Maracuja
I strongly believe that the mind creates ailments to distract the brain from confronting deep emotional issues of anger, fear and so on.

I keep reading Dr. John Sarno's book, The Mindbody Prescription:Healing the Body, Healing the Pain, and it's really amazing to me how his advise works every time. One very helpful hint was that he suggested writing down everything that bothers you. I could not believe how long my list was. I find that most physical problems disappear when I follow his advise. His book, however, is a book that needs to be read as if you were reading a reference book. Go back to it as often as you need. I find that I constantly have to remind myself that physical problems that I have, usually have to do with psychological issues I have in my life, past, present and even fear of the future.