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ID thumbnails

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 5:34 pm
by randolph
I hope this isn't the onset of Alzheimer's ... but there are now enough frequent forum posters that I'm having a hard time keeping the names and relevant facts and personal histories straight. Like, is it Michael or Kevin or MJ who had the microdiscectomy 16 years ago? Now, just to make sure I don't make a stupid mistake, mixing up facts and identities, I re-read thru numerous posts. Rather time-consuming ... and apparently unnecessary.

Apparently, another back pain forum solved the problem (they have 100's of frequent posters) this way.

Along with the name of the poster on each post, a thumbnail summary of relevant facts (dates of operations, major medical issues, approx age, sex, etc) is included. The info is collected at the time of the poster's initial signin, and can be edited at any time. All info is submitted voluntarily; none is required to post ... but it sure made it easy for me to remember one person from the next ... especially when you have facts about Mike, Michael, Mick, Mack, Mich, Micah and MJ all vying for the one or two brain cells I have left to handle this challenge. (As you might have guessed, I don't do very well at family reunions ...)

It helps to have the personal info posted on each post ... though I suppose it would an improvement if this info was at least one clic away in the personal info we can clic on when the poster's name is printed "in blue" on the forum index of topics.

Including pictures (not necessarily of the poster ... just a consistent picture with the poster's name) is another solution used by other forums. I have no idea of the work involved getting pictures (as opposed to words only), but that systems works well in the chirotalk.proboards3 forum .... although it doesn't solve the problem of providing important, personal info easily.

Anyone else got this problem ... or is this just the result of breathing too many big rig diesel fumes?

Hold everything ... a better idea just occured to me. I suppose I could do the work of keeping a little post-it note, near the monitor, for each person with important, relevant info, so I wouldn't have to read thru a bunch of old posts to jog my memory. Maybe that's the ticket ... self-responsibility comes thru again. Disregard suggestions above. Problem solved.


PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 2:19 pm
by Dean
Hi randolph,

I hear what you're saying. I get confused sometimes, too.

Some of your suggestions are good, unfortunately they just aren't available features in the software I'm using for the forum right now.

Another problem is that most people don't fill out their profiles anyway so even if the feature was offered I'm not sure people would take the time to implement it.

The software keeps evolving and improving and in the future some of your suggestions may become available.

My biggest priority right now is just getting our numbers up. That's where my attention has been lately.

Keep the suggestions coming,

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 1:40 pm
by randolph
Stick with getting the numbers up, Dean; it's working to keep my own notes on each of the forum frequent posters. Cleared up the problem magnificently. No need to burden yourself solving this one.

Thanks, Randolph