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Here's where I am at.....

Post by Di » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:44 am

I have had on and off visceral issues (gut and bladder) for a long time. In March 2012 I decided to see the local chiropracter- maybe aligning my spine will help with nerve flow and keep my gut and bladder happier. Sure enough xrays showed I had lower back and neck issues. I thought I'd give the program 3 months to see what happened.

After 4 months of minor adjustments and inversion table use 3 x a week, xrays showed that I was tilted very far forward (worse than at the beginning?). The chiro wanted to use traction (lumbar traction machine) to help tip my "tailbone" and get my spine more upright. After two "3 minute" sessions I told the chiro that my lower back was stiff. He said that "now we know that the treatment is working". After a third session (4 minutes) I had lower back pain that night for the first time in my life and I had numbness in my big and first toes, mostly on my right foot.

I have not been back to the chiro since. I came across the "Rebuilding Your Back Book"- it's very similar to the core building stuff I did in yoga a few years back. I have used icing/heat but don't think I'm ready for many of the book exercises yet. It's been 2 weeks since my last chiro "treatment" and the lower back pain is gone unless I sit for a long time or start doing some of the basic back building exercises. The toe numbness persists- every time I sit unless I really work at finding a good position. My car seat is so high when I drive that my head is an inch or two from the car roof- but it helps.

I can walk/hike and even run some (I've been active all my life and it feels really good to keep so) but I am really worried about the toe numbing when I sit. It's hard to watch t v with the family for any length of time- I HATE that numbing feeling- it can't be good for me!

And, oh yes, my gut is not happy with the situation- mild colitis symptoms.

At this point I know I should go see a general dr.or orthopedic dr. and see what they find. Does any one have other suggestions? I am so glad I found this site!

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