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No more chiropractors

PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 1:49 pm
by Fred

Just wanted to add my 2 cents worht to this discussion. Having had back trouble for over 20 years (9 years wearing a brace) and having tried just about everything including years of chiropractic adjustments I can tell you that nothing works except for rebuilding. Don't waste your time on anything else. My back pain is totally gone for the first time in 20 years and I can't prase Dean and this website enough for all the help.


PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 2:03 pm
by Steven
Hi Fred,

Couldn't agree with you more.


PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 11:54 am
by randolph
Hey Fred
Good to read that "nothing works but rebuilding." Too bad you had to be the guinea pig for so much malpractice (ignorant-practice?), but so good that you weren't hurt so bad that you couldn't heal and rebuild. I had just a couple, several week sessions with the chiros after 2, minor OTJ injuries 8 and 15 years ago, and thankfully, wasn't hurt by the manipulations. But the last visit, 3 weeks ago, showed me the wisdom of seeking out other help. That last chiro (and the last I will ever see) gave me the typical aggressive, fast push on the L4-L5 that he said needed "corrective movement", and I barely walked out of the office. Yet so propagandized was I by the chiro misinformation I thought that withering blow to my spine meant I really got my money's worth!! Two days later I couldn't walk at all and had to crawl with much pain to the bathroom and back and I was exhausted. Even my wooden head got to wondering about chiros after that one! And thank God, blundered onto Dean's website soon thereafter. Now, of coarse, we know the last thing you want to do with a healing ligament and tendon near the spine is wack it hard and fast by pushing on the joint its attached to. So simple: let it heal (get just enough good rest and plenty of good nutrition) but keep moving slow and gentle with the exercises to gently stretch the healed ligaments, passively move the discs, and strengthen the muscles. So simple, but so contrary to most of what we learn from others. Success stories like ours, Fred, will certainly help others. Thanks.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 2:00 pm
by Fred
Hi Randolph,

Yes, I consider myself very lucky that I wasn't permanently disabled by some dumb chiropractor. When I look back I realize what a chance I was taking every time I allowed one of them to jerk my back around. I get mad when I see their advertisements on the radio or TV and I've told several of my friends about this website. I hope someday we can put all of them out of business. I read your other messages and I'm glad you found your way here. Dean's ideas just make so much sense, it's hard to believe more people haven't heard of him yet. Fred

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 6:12 pm
by randolph
Hello Fred -
The much freer, much less impeded flow of information that the internet allows will surely doom any idiocy like chiropractry that tries to pass itself off as compentency. This forum, like the millions of other internet places where people can exchange information without the constraint of $$$agenda (e.g. witness the perversion of information by advertisers/retailers/politicians), is the light that scatters the cockroaches preying on our ignorance. 100 years from now, chiropractors will be revered as much as we revere those who diagnosed illnesses 100 years ago by examining the bumps on one's head. And while much less $$$ is required to allow this information to flow, I guess we need to remember to donate a bit now and then to this site to allow it access to others in need of RYB and the Pain Manual. I wish I had a suggestion on a better way to finance this site. Asking for donations seems such an open invitation for abuse that could doom this site. But maybe it will work that way. At any rate Dean, I hope you won't be afraid to ask for financial help if voluntary donations don't pay the bill.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 12:22 am
by Dean
Hi guys,

Yes, people are human and some of them do take advantage of the situation. That's to be expected and I try not to let if bother me. I knew trying to operate on a donation basis was going to be sketchy from the get go but I think in the long run it will work out.

Websites live or die on traffic volume and I feel that word-of-mouth will someday more than make up for the few people who stiff me.

Randolph, you and Fred both have already given more than enough. More than most, in fact. I would really be uncomfortable if you were to donate more than you already have.

I would much rather that you simply continue to tell others about the site. If you have other favorite websites that you visit, drop them an email and invite their webmaster to visit this site and consider giving me a link.

It's a sure bet the surgeon and chiropractor run sites aren't going to link to me. They don't like me for some reason... :?

And when you do get back out in that big rig, (and you will) I know that there's a lot of truckers and other people on the road with back troubles. One word from you could change their whole life.


PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 10:49 pm
by randolph
10-4 Dean: I'll continue to tell everyone I can about this website.
I find it interesting, and I'm sure you've noticed this, too .. . most everyone I tell, (politely of coarse) about the website, fails to grasp the fact that back injury/pain is usually a cumulative thing ... not something that happens just because of one stupid mistake lifting something too heavy (or whatever immediately preceded the obvious injury). The profound truth that we're either building our back stronger or weaker, just bounces off most everyone ... just like it bounced off me before my back injury forced me to listen to something else.
So I applaud your efforts, Dean, to work so diligently to put this information out there. Thanks.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 12:40 am
by Dean
Yes, I find that most of the information that I'm trying to get across to people meets with some resistance. They've just heard so much junk all their lives that it takes a while for the truth to sink in.

I've found that if I'm talking to someone in person, I usually don't try to convince them of anything. (Doesn't work.) I just mention the website and hope that is enough to peak their interest. (I don't even tell them it's my website.)

Once people start reading the articles they usually start to come around.