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Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:59 am
by tangelo10

I have been going to a chiropractor for back and neck pain for 10 years. The most recent problem, however, is TMJ disorder. I wear a nightguard to keep from clenching, use warm compresses on my face, and take Ibuprofen when necessary. To make matters worse, in September, I was assaulted on the New York City subway (slogan: We care about safety. Your safety) when I tried to help a man who was being viciously attacked. His attackerpunched me several times in the face. X-rays showed "bruising" of my TMJ, which the doctor felt would heal in time. After this, my chiropractic visits increased to 2 times a week; and yes, it does seem to feel better afterwards. I was always satisfied with the (immediate) results of the chiropractic care, but now I am reading on this website that I may be taking a risk going to a chiro. Does anyone out there know of a treatment (other than the ones I mentioned above) for TMJ pain that has worked for them, or a loved one, or even a sworn enemy? I'd really appreciate the feedback. Thank you, Tom