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DoctorRadio on Sirius-XM

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:54 pm
by randolph 2
Great medical information resource: Doctor Radio channel on Sirius-SM satellite radio. 40 live hours of medical talk/call-in radio each week. Call toll-free to speak with world-class doctors of every medical specialty about your health concerns. Orthopaedics / pediatrics / cardiology / exercise physiology / nutrition / obstetrics-gynecology / emergency medicine / mens health issues / oncology / family medicine / vascular health / psychiatry / insurance / dermatology / plastic surgery / sexual health. Each specialty gets 2 hrs/week to anwer questions related to their specialty. Plus, the docs are great teachers and communicators; some are the most engaging radio personalities I've ever heard on radio.

I've called dozens of times, some questions relating to the physical therapy that Dean outlines on this site; Dean's right on target with the latest standard treatments for back care.

Best medical bargain going: subscriptions are $15/mon ($3 more to listen online). Considering med costs now: you get one question answered and you've already got your year's subscription refunded.

I'm not an employee of Sirius-XM; just a long-time listener while I drive over-the-road. There aren't too many good deals out there in the medical market; is there anything else that even comes close to this deal??