Sacral pain / sciatica

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Sacral pain / sciatica

Post by ROLO » Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:43 pm

Hello, my name is Rolo. I'm a very active (rather, I WAS) 25 y/o guy from Norcal. Been going to chiro for some time for what was originally pain in my right hip and lower back. She told me it was my sacrum out of place and it should heal with adjustments. A month went by and no progress so I was getting very frustrated, as the pain would get worse every time I went skateboarding, surfing or running around. It's who I am and if I can't skate, I'd rather be dead. Plus it was really bad when I sat or lay down.
So one day I was leaning my butt against the counter at the local grocery store and I started to twist to one side. I felt like if I twisted a little more it would pop; which it did.
Then, within a day or so, the pain was gone and needless to say, I was stoked.
Then about a month later the pain started creeping up on me again. I proceeded to administer my self-chiropractics, which in turn made things worse. OK I thought, I'll just twist the other way (while laying face down on the floor, I placed one hand on the side of my pelvis and pushed down while torquing my upper half the opposite direction. It popped. It was bad.
Then I went to my chiro and she basically did the same thing. It got worse.... this time with sciatica.
Weeks went by and I continued cracking myself (I'm getting obsessive at this point). It got much much worse.
Now I have sciatica in my ARMS and hands as well as my legs / feet.
I know what you're thinking; I'm a complete retard.

I have NO insurance and I am pretty broke.
I can't sleep very well and my job requires me to sit for extended periods.
I've been using the Mckenzie method stretches (cobra) which help a little, and I have ceased all twisting and popping. I am taking joint supps, pain supps and ibuprofen and getting up to walk around every five mins.
But I am worried I am too screwed up to continue with certain excercises.

Anybody have any suggestions?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, -ROLO

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