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Hello everyone Pete from UK here

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:22 am
by Gaspode
Well like everyone I am relieved to find fellow sufferers, misery loves company they say and I can echo the thoughts of most people when they are afflicted with back problems, it really does feel like you’re on your own. Our National Health Service is fine in many ways but when it comes to the back, forget it. I am 11 months into the mission, I have two herniated discs don’t ask me the numbers that is on a need to know basis and our doc’s don’t feel I need to know. I have seen the pic from my MRI and they are down the bottom. I have had an epidural but waste of time, as Dean says perhaps a saline injection would have been more use. Having given up on the consultants I am on a mission to rebuild my back so have just started the preliminary exercises. Question for you longer term sufferers, I have pain down my right leg, initially had pins and needles in the toes but now I don’t get those. Also when I say pain its not sharp debilitating pain more aches, sometimes feels like bruising in my backside, very tense around the back of my knee and tender at the bottom of my spine just to the right. I walk like an old man at times, well as I am 51 I wonder if its just old age! Strange thing is I can sit now for long periods whereas before I had to kneel to work at the computer. So is this really sciatica? I can do the Cobra steps 1-3 but the bend over and touch your toes, well call it bend over and touch your knees more like it.
Any tips or advice or general comments would be appreciated.