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Yippee! I found you at last !

PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:02 am
by Gaspode
I am so delighted! I have been battling with the medics, Chiropractors and pysio wad ya macallits for 11 months, yes only 11 months not years like some of you but the feeling of being totally alone is depressing. I live in the UK and the National Health Service is a joke, I have paid yes paid chiropractors to hurt me and recently undergone a epidural which was a waste of time. The Con sultant does not seem in a hurry to return my calls.
So thats the depressing bit, the upside is that I have downloaded the book and found a website for normal people. I started my exercises yesterday and feel pretty good about it. I am positive that things will get better and I am not in a hurry. I think the worst part for me was the feeling that my body had let me down, i so wanted a quick fix and bounced from one stupid idea to the next. Now I am going to take my time and follow the book to the letter. No doubt i will need some advice from time to time or indeed if anyone would like a chat just zip me a note. By the way get this, most of you know that its S1,L5 or whatever. Me, I dont have a clue as no one has told me, I have seen the pretty MRI scan and i have two herniated discs at the bottom but dont ask me to number them! You see with the NHS its on a need to know basis, laughing ! Cheers Pete