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Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 3:16 pm
:cry: :cry: i am always in pain,can't sleep,ache all the time,have really laid back on my job, just plain oh depressed.I had a very bad accident in 2004,I steped out of my expedition,my feet slipped on the running board(it had been raining) and before I could be able to catch my self I hit the concrete driveway HARD butt first. I cracked my tailbone,cause my spinal to shift in which cause the ALOT OF PROBLEMS THAT I AM DEALING WITH NOW!!!!!First I have had to have an Neck Fusion (2) disc THAT WAS THE BEST THING I DID,no more constance servre headaches and numbness. Then the following surgey had to to my (R) shoulder (THAT WAS THE NEXT BEST THING),don't have full use, but the pain is gone,and am still in minor PT for that.Fixing to have to have (L)shoulder for the same thing OH WELL!!Knew that was going to happen, BUT what is what I am dealing with since all this started is the LOWER BACK PAIN. This is the one thing my ORTH.DR does not want to do is BACK SURGERY, so for almost 2yrs I have been going through PAIN MANAGEMENT (Injections into my lower back & tailbone area) Only relieve for about 2months at a time. VERY,VERY tried of this. No one has given me any signs of improvemnent,just something I am going to have to live with until the day when I will end up with Lower Back Surgery. THEN all of sudden I hear about this machine DRX 9000, I had my visit this past Wednesday, My DR.(I also find out he's a CHRIO) which I already have one and HE tells me that he will make me better and I will never have anymore problems. SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!!!Then why is it not covered with my insurance, He said be fighting with them over this for everyone, It Is FDA approved. I am very worried about spending OUR hard earned money If it was a for sure My Husband and I would spend it or more, But what I do not understand is why!If its all the GOOD!!Then we should be getting help if it was to mean no more possible back surgery, I need some help to make a better decsion on spending $5000.00. I do want to feel better, Get back to a normal life. Enjoy my 2 sons & wifes (and my first 2grand babies soon) 3rd son & and his girlfriend (These 3 already graduate from College)&my 4th son will graduate in December 2008. I have just wonderful Blessing from GOD!!! I just Hurt all the time. Can you Mr. Dean give me some advice,
Thanks look forward to hearing from you
In Texas

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 8:34 pm
by randolph

Check out some of the comments on the DRX9000 on this site's forum; experience of others runs the gamut of ... it's wonderful ... it's a complete waste of money.

Any "doctor" who tells you, you "will never have anymore problems" is a quack ... pure and simple. One measure of a good doctor is that he/she offers estimates of effectiveness of recommended treatment options based on latest research. No treatment is 100% effective. Even the advertisers who are looking for victims, I mean, customers, to use this machine on, claim an 80% effectiveness (just google "DRX9000"). I wouldn't waste anymore money on that quack. You know the old adage: if it sounds too good to be true ....

People who make money off the desperation of others in horrible pain, ought to have to spend their last evening on earth with Hannibal Lecter ... as soon as possible.


Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:42 pm
by Dean
Hi Felecia,

Spinal decompression is nothing new. Good physical therapists and sports medicine physicians have incorporated it into their programs for years. It is just one small part of what is required to fully rebuild your back.

By the way, it can be accomplished without a machine. I decompress my back several times a day without a machine and without spending a penny.

The people (usually chiropractors) who have purchased these fancy machines and are selling "the machine" as a cure-all are the ones to stay away from. They seldom know anything about rehabilitation. (If they did, they probably would not have purchased the machine.)

My advice would be to find a good physical therapy program that's designed to address every aspect of rebuilding your back... rather than one that's focused on decompression.

I designed a program for myself and wrote a book about it entitled, Rebuild Your Back (which is available on my Books page)... however, I suspect you may not wish to go the do-it-yourself route so ask your orthopedic doctor (not the chiropractor) to help you find one of the following:

1. A physiatrist (Also known as a doctor of rehabilitation), or
2. A sports medicine clinic that specializes in back problems, or
3. A Mckenzie physical therapist

These true rehabilitation specialists will be better able to help you rebuild your back than some "Decompression Clinic" that's only looking to soak you for big bucks.

Hope I've answered your questions,