Sciatica and Accupuncture

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Sciatica and Accupuncture

Post by cookie » Wed Jun 06, 2007 7:01 am

My sciatica pain is still with me although I have had an epidural and continue with the exercises from Rebuilding Your Back. A friend shared with me that she had a lot of success with accupuncture. After reading Dean's review of accupuncture I was not inclined to try this approach. But, this friend is a very active dancer and is in great physical condition otherwise - not someone who would knowingly dole out bad advise. Just wondering if any of you have tried accupuncture with success.
Thanks, Cookie


Post by astro8 » Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:57 am

Hi cookie...

I had reservations about acupuncture until speaking to an aunt who told me the hell she went through twenty years ago with sciatica and the only thing that got rid of it for her was acupuncture.

I'll go the same route. The epidural steroids did little for me. People say acupuncture is all in the mind, who cares!...if it works, go with it I say. I believe half the healing is in the mind anyway, if you believe it will help then you have a much better chance.

I suffered horrific burns as a child and nearly died. What got me through it I believe, is my mother sitting by my hospital bed at every waking moment telling me that I'd be ok and hurry up and get better as there's a big present waiting for you at home. Being a kid, the curiosity was killing me and it took four months but I got out of that hospital before other kids who were admitted before me with lesser burns...but when I finally did get home there was no present!

I don't believe one single thing will cure anything, it's more like 'every little bit helps' to the acupuncture if you feel it will help, do the exercises in RYB, do eat properly, do drinks lots of water, do keep your back and leg warm, do try and have a positive outlook, do believe you will get better and don't lose your sense of humour!

This is the course I will take...I've gained so much insight from reading the posts from the good people on this forum. Before I found this place I was in despair but with this knowledge I can feel myself getting stronger, even if I'm still in pain...just my thoughts and it may not work for everyone, but then again, what does?

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Post by cookie » Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:45 am

Thank you so much for these wonderful words of encouragement! I believe you are right, all the way. I am not sure if I believe in accupuncture, or any other one treatment for that matter. I am trying a combination of things - water exercise, walking, Rebuild Your Back, epidurals, ect. My medical expendures are tremendous! Just don't want to waste a lot of my income on quacks and treatments that have proven to be a hoax. I have concluded that NO ONE knows for sure how to cure this problem. I will continue working toward a full recovery and also THINK POSITIVELY at your suggestion. Have a great day and STAY WELL!

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Post by randolph » Tue Jun 12, 2007 11:42 pm

Hi Cookie

Dr Dean Edell claims scientific research shows acupuncture's benefits are purely psychosomatic ... that is ... it works if you believe it will. And like Astro8 posted, Edell adds, who cares if it's placebo, if it helps you, that's great.

So if you have the money to pay for such feel-goods ... go for it .... acupuncture doesn't seem to have any negative side-effects except for the wallet-pain. But if you have limited funds ... you definitely want to spend it first on a GP to insure you are suffering from garden variety back pain and not some exotic tumor, bone disease, ALS, etc. that could kill you if all you do is acupuncture. That's the main drawback on a lot of the natural, new age, or self-administered treatments learned from best-selling books: back pain can be a symptom of a possibly fatal problem that isn't going to be treated by acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, changes in diet, faith healing, etc. You hear it everyday - see your doctor first. Acupuncturists aren't MDs, so they could miss a more grievous problem, that all the belief in the world isn't going to help you with.


Post by astro8 » Wed Jun 13, 2007 2:08 am

Hi Cookie, Randolph...yep, I know where your coming from about the danger of going along with 'feel goods' in the place of proper medical examination, treatment etc.

I live in Australia where we have a public health system that allowed me to get examined by a doctor, then sent for a CT scan and then back to the doctor with the scans all in one day. I had an epidural steroid injection the next week and all of this was at no cost to me.

Accupuncture for me will cost $50 of your dollars for an hour session, so it's hardly outrageous, I'll give it a session & see what happens.

I tend to forget that in other places health care is so expensive. I read through some of the posts here and see the amount of money people are paying out for these services and it's frightening.

You're right, it's hard to justify these types of costs on a 'hit n miss' outcome. I think the best we can do is get as much information from 'trusted sources' and make up our own minds.

Take care...


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Accupressure / Accupuncture

Post by SeafordMdf » Tue Jun 19, 2007 8:29 am

Hi astro8 ,

Greetings from a fellow Australian :)

I had a few sessions of ( Accupressure ? ) from my Physiotherapist a few years ago .

Yes , Short term relief was gained from it & I don't feel that it is a bad thing if It's applied by a Fully Qualified Heath Professional such as a PT or GP / MD.

Maybe it worked short term for me as I was " Open Minded " with regards to treatments applied by any University QUALIFIED HEALTH Professionals such as a PT or an MD ???

I'm not a believer in Quackery medicine , So maybe since a Physiotherapist applied the " Accupressure " to me , I was a Believer ?

Interesting to see how you go here !

Cheers Mate ,




Post by Harry » Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:43 am

Hi. I thought I should add my comments about acupuncture having just been through severe 10/10 acute sciatica and muscle spasms and just wanted to die. When I was in the acute phase with my leg feeling like it had boiling water and flames all over it the acupuncture DEFINITELY calmed it down within a day and centralized the pain to my lower back taking it away from my leg. Unfortunately I stirred my back up again much worse 2 weeks later but am now getting over that quite well with walking 5 miles a day and doing RYB plus some herbal supplements including Ginko to improve blood circulation to the area and hopefully increase rate of healing. Personally I don't think acupuncture works very well with the more chronic sciatica but in those early days and weeks I would definitely recommend it.

Best regards


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