MoVinG FoRwaRd in the New Year

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MoVinG FoRwaRd in the New Year

Post by waitn4u » Sat Dec 31, 2005 1:45 am

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post here, so i shall try to introduce myself and my current condition as short as possible. ':)'

About me: male 47 5"11 160lbs
Current Condition: lower back, neck pain, both leg pain, left arm pain, right arm still good, ':lol:' Damn I'm lucky i still got one good arm.

OK Really... that being said I'll go into alittle detail:

I have had the neck pain for years, probably do to car racing, car wrecking, skiing accidents, car rebuilding, "sure we can lift that frame over there" ':roll:' type of thinking.
I went to chiro's for years most helped out great, 4 awhile. Back and Forth.
Thanks Dean, ':D' since reading all these wonderful post my Back Cracker days are over!! New Years Resolution #1

Since buying a piece of lake property around 8 years ago, I of course have been working extra hard fun long hours cutting wood, building roads, digging here lifting there, well you get the point right? Well this April 05 I'm building this Shop and BAM!! I have just been reminded by this sharp pain in my lower back that somethings wrong here! Thats when the leg pain started, first the right leg, then some weeks later the left leg, then some weeks later the left arm.
OK so i finally go see the DOC, hey i'm a guy right! if it ain't bleeding and i can still walk well then why go to the DOC right! ':roll:'

New Years Resolution #2
Hey I'm not 20 any more, take care of myself!

Well the Doc and Lumbar MRI say i have Facet Arthrosis and Spinal Stenosis and a Mild Buldging Disc. At the time i did not ask what L?
I well after the EMG next week.

That s how i found this site ':wink:' looking 4 info on the above condition and treatments.

I'm not sure the exercises well help the first two conditions, comment on that please. i could use all the views i get....
But i feel good that RYB well improve the disc problem, as well as strengthen my back if i need surgery 4 the facet arthrosis and spinal stenosis. I shall keep all of you posted on that one.

New Years Resolution #3
Exercise and Education

Again thank all of you for all the post now and into the future, Everthing here seems very positive and educational. I like the Idea that there is no Ad's and "get better now pills and gagets". Sure seems they are everywhere and preying on our fears and pain. Well at least the have mine!

And Finally
New Years Resolution #4

Hey you had 2 notice the #4 thing by now, so you knew i had 2 do at least 4 New Years Re-soul-utions!!!!
Change my Diet

Yep that's right , I'm going to give up some of the Burgers, Fries and Junk food and start cooking again, I mean really cooking, not the through the TV Dinners in the oven type of cooking.
OK I've told you my Re-soul-utions, TAG YOUR IT.

Hey Thanks 4 reading all this....

waitn4u @ the finish line

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Post by Paul » Sat Dec 31, 2005 5:37 pm

Hi waitn,

Welcome to the group. Sounds like you've led an interesting life. What kind of racing? Stock cars, drag racing... formula 1? 8)

You've probably already seen this one coming if you've read other posts but here goes anyway. Whatever you do, put off the surgery for as long as you can (unless the surgeon insists your life is in danger... and then get an unbiased second opinion). Give the exercises a minimum of 6 months and just see what they can do for you. (Results should come much sooner than that.)

I think you'll be surprised to discover that those abnormalities aren't what's causing your pain.



Post by Guest » Sat Jan 28, 2006 6:16 pm

waitn4u wrote:Hello Everyone,
"Hello" is a lot more reasonable than what the others suggested.

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