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Hip/Calf Pain

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:48 am
by ErichL
Hello everyone. I am glad I found this book and this website. A quick summary of my journey. I am an extremely flexible person, doing Martial Arts for quite a long time. I noticed I started to have hip pain about 3 to 4 years ago, it gradually got worse and then the outside of my right calf muscle would hurt like someone stuck a knife right on the high outside part. I believe I hurt myself lifting weight and over stretching.

I had X-rays done, found nothing, I went to PT for 12 weeks and they told me that a lot of my muscles were so flexible there was not a lot of strength in them. PT helped some but in the end I still had pain especially in the morning. I had an MRI and it showed I have a disc bulge between L4 and L5 bulging backward and to the right a little. The Neuro-radiologist told me it is brushing the nerve and that is why I am getting the pain in those 2 unique places. I had 2 epidurals and they worked for a while but I am back to the same pain. I have decided to follow the guide lines in the book and see how it goes for the next few months.

Has anyone had any similar experiences with pain in these areas and solutions they would be willing to share?