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Herniated L5, sciatica 8 Months!

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:29 pm
by ichfog
I posted on 'test'... Here goes again: I herniated my L5 in Nov 1012. After the initial lock-down pain subsided with meds and oral steroids, I was still crippled, could hardly walk, very heavy, weak right leg. Did physical therapy for 6 weeks, have been continuing at home daily. At my 4 month checkup I had continuing numbness, tingling down the back of my leg and more numbness on the bottom of my foot. My doctor, an orthopaedic who specializes in non-surgical spine care, gave me a nerve study test. This showed my herniation is still in the 'acute' stage, she recommended epidural injections. I've had 3 now and still have only some improvement. I have been doing Dean's exercise schedule for a week, including the shifted cobra, but still have the same numbness & tingling. I feel more flexible, muscle soreness. I think it's helping, but.... my doctor said if the nerve continues to be pinched it may be permanent. Is this true?
Just to elaborate, I have been doing the exercises given to me by the physical therapist for 8 months! Some of them are the same as Dean's, however, I've done dean's basics as well as some of the more advanced for sciatica and I do believe I am improving after only a week! My main concern is that I haven't seen anyone mention they have these sciatica pains for this long even while exercising... so that has me worried because I don't want this to be permanent if I can help it. Any thoughts on this?Thank you..
UPDATE: making progress, some numbness left on sole of my foot, but I feel much better and flexible, encouraged that the exercises will ultimately do the trick. I'ts a lifestyle change, gotta do these exercises every day,that's no problem. Thanks