L4-L5 Cobra bend causes excruciating pain 1/2 hour after

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L4-L5 Cobra bend causes excruciating pain 1/2 hour after

Post by brenda47 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:34 am

Hi, I am so happy to find this forum!!!

I went to a physiotherapist who feels my problem is in L4-L5 and the disk is compressed. He said "discogenic mechanical joint pain"....couldnt comment on whether it was herniated or not. my x-ray does not show a smaller disk space and only a small bone spur.

he put tens and heat on me and had me do the cobra back bend, i had no pain, however, after driving (perhaps sitting wrong)....i had extreme excruciating sciatic leg pain on a scale of say 10 and could not walk. before this the pain was sometimes perhaps 3 or 5. the pain continued, at lesser scale, for the rest of the evening.

i believe my injury occured while lifting, bending back slightly and walking with a 5 foot 70 pound tent for 15 feet or so. pain gradually got worse and after a month sciatic started.

so, perhaps i should NOT be doing backbends??!!!

in any case my kwestion is if the physiotherapist gave me the wrong exercise to do...and or misdiagnosed.......seems that if i sit properly and dont do much i have no pain , just a lot of tingling down the whole leg.

i am at odds if i should continue this exercise, tried it today once and pain also started approx half hour later.

any advice, recommendations?
thanks all....

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