8 days in and doing SO MUCH BETTER!

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8 days in and doing SO MUCH BETTER!

Post by tinuvi » Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:32 pm

I do think I've found the thing that will keep my back strong and my body capable of doing the things I want it to do, without fear of putting my back in spasm and my leg in sciatic agony.

After 5 weeks of terrible sciatica (and that's only *this* round - I've had sciatica and back issues on and off since I was 16) and many trips to the chiropractor that would help for a little while but not last, I found Dean's e-book and realized that I'd had *no* idea before how diligent I needed to be with exercising and stretching. The pain was so great that I was motivated to do what I'd never done before: start an exercise/stretching routine, do it multiple times a day, and Stick With It.

Yup, I'm still taking ibuprofen during the day, and some Vicodin at night to help me sleep (but less and less each night). But my back is getting better! The sciatica is going away! Plus I'm able to sit crosslegged with my back straight like a champion meditator, without pain or tiring, which I can *never* remember doing before! When I move around, bend to pick things up, etc., I effortlessly keep my back straight. I had always bent at the waist before due to weakness, even though I knew it was bad for my back health.

It turns out all I needed to do was some simple exercising and stretching (although Dean recommends every 2 hours when in acute pain, I've only managed to do 3 times daily minimum) with religious zeal. I *love* the feeling that my back health is in my own hands now! I'm looking forward to a life of activity that I couldn't have imagined before.


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