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getting better!

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:23 am
by sam
hello all
a year ago after falling from a flying trapeze and after many years of extreme sports activities ( i am 30 f) i started suffering from a burning and numb lateral thigh and very bad lower back pain. i couldn't walk for more then 5 min or stand up for more then 10 without my whole leg going numb or starting to burn. i read all the forums and got soo depressed, all i sew were comment of people who have been suffering for years. i was sure that my life as i know it was over. no more surfing - kite surfing wind surfing snowboarding-no more WALKING!! i went to many doctors, neuro's ,chiropractors etc.. after a few months after being diagnosed of having 3 bulging disks in my lower back - i have decided to go to a physiotherapist. iv started swimming an hour a day, i water walked for a good 20 minutes a day as well. started some small exercises.. and bit by bit - I GOT BETTER. i could not believe it. it took a whole year but here i am. in south east asia surfing again- walking for miles on the beach, lifting my suitcase when i need to. of course- i cant run for a long distance or walk for more then an hour without feeling some tingling but the sensation came back to my leg- im taking good care of my back and feel that against what everybody said- IM BACK. so please note- it can be done. your body CAN get better. of course it will never go back again to what it was before but HEY- im just so happy to be active again. i am aware that i was a fortunate case and that there are many who suffer all their lives- but i encourage you all to be optimistic- work hard and let everyone know of your good progress in order to give hope to all those who are in their starting point towards healing. all the best !