pain in upper thigh

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pain in upper thigh

Post by leg_pain » Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:25 pm

Hi, I recently got this leg pain. I researched about it, and it might be sciatica.

The pain occurs in the outer, upper side of my left thigh (close to the hips). This might be a bad way describe it, but it feels like back pain, but on the leg. Some times it's throbbing, something like what you feel in your head when you got migraine. It hurts when I move it, even when I lift it a little bit or when I walk. I can still use it though.

However, if I rest it for a few hours, or after I wake up from sleep, the pain is completely gone, but after around 10 minutes of walking, it comes back on. It really hurts when I move it after I stand up in one position for a long time, especially if I put my weight on the left leg.

Sorry for the long message,
Please help me if anyone knows what's going on (sciatica or not), or know how to cure this.

Thank you,

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