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Got shot!!

Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:13 pm
by neal
I had my second epidual shot Wednesday, wow did that hurt. I can say that it did lessen the pain by about 75 percent. Still can't sit but at least I'm not crying anymore. Hopefully, physical therapy will rid me of this curse that is ruining my life. I'm following Ken's method of pain control and exercise. Really not a lot of other options besides surgery which I have basically ruled out. A friend of mine said he was cured by accupuncture, massage and cupping therapy. I'll try that in two weeks. Seems like the best relief I get is walking or standing. Narcotics help a little but being a pharmacist, I've seen my share of narc addicted patients. Don't want to go up that road too long. Anyway, physical therapy tomorrow, wish me luck! Keep you posted.