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c8 Bulge or herniation,keep stretching?

Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 1:43 pm
by lrodptl
Have been experiencing moderate to severe pain in right rhomboid and right forearm for 17 days. Had been experiencing mild pain for 2 weeks prior. Episode climaxed after chopping wood. I had a c7 diskectomy without fusion 6 years ago and lost significant tricep,pectoral and hand strength that mostly did not return.2 years ago I experienced similar symptoms as now after installing some windows with some more strength loss and right ring finger and pinky permanent but mild loss. MRI and myleogram showed nothing surgical so the neurosurgeon guessed I had clipped the nerve root on an existing bone spur. After 4-5 weeks the pain was gone but some more hand strength loss. That's my history so I'd been doing the back and neck exercises after I found these books late last year and I had an L4 herniation. That cleared up after several weeks of stretching. Does it make sense to continue these neck stretches to the limit of my pain and hope my current situation resolves? I was hoping for a new neck after 6 months of stretching,was I being too optimistic or not patient enough? Discouraged but encouraged by my back results. What if it is a spur? Thanks.