Never been so scared

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Never been so scared

Post by louisa » Tue Feb 26, 2008 6:38 pm

I was told by my Speech Path to go to a physio, chiro to loosen up my neck and shoulders, thinking this might help me.

I went to a chiro as it was along the road from me, to cut a very long she said a had 3 serious things wrong with me back, which could be cancer or a tumour. she didnt explain, i had to ask her how she came to that conclusion. nothing to do with the thing i went in there for and wasnt going to treat it.

she treated my back and neck and said due to the seriousness of my back that i might have to have numerous treatment.

i walked out of there so scared. have decided not to go back. but since then i have had slight discomfort in my neck, shoulders,back and headaches. Which i never had before!! I worried that going to her has created another problem. But i do not want to go back to her.

Please help!!!

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Post by erk » Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:02 pm

how in the world did she determine you had cancer or a tumor? If you do she could not cure it (or anything else in my opinion). A trip to your family doctor might be in order. I've seen two types of chiro's, one was well meaning but ineffective, the other was all about the money. Neither did anything but make my low back worse. They all want you come in for numerous treatments. The last chiro I went to (an ex Marine)was able to crack my neck and it ached for two days. Felt fine when I walked into his office. Save your money!!! Go to a Family doctor and continue physio!!!

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